229 Page Special Report: the Media Abstract

The WHITE PAPER on the Negligent Media

The Physical, Mental, & Artistic Decline of Norval Morrisseau
(1980s – 2007)



See: The Devastating Telltale Videos

Challenging as Utterly Absurd: the claim that Norval was a fully functioning human being, mentally and physically, till 2001, let alone in the years after.

By the mid-1990s, a virtual quadriplegic in a wheelchair, Norval had the most destroyed body and mind of any leading Canadian personality in History.

By the mid-1990s, a virtual quadriplegic in a wheelchair, Norval had the most destroyed body and mind of any leading Canadian personality in History.

EXPOSED: how Norval Morrisseau, a Stroke, Dementia, Alcohol Dementia, and Parkinson’s-plagued Aboriginal wheelchair invalid, was increasingly used and abused, after 1990, by “greedy white men” using crafty lawyers, gullible Proxies, & the witless media, to promote the Hoax of “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers”

– Norval’s “greedy white man” complex

– Norval’s explosive and highly revealing “Confessional Diary” paintings

– the grossest case of elder abuse in Canadian history

– the worst case of “art terrorism” in Canadian history

– the biggest art “heist” in Canadian history

– the “stroke” that brutally clarified the HOAX for me

– why Norval had the most destroyed mind and body of any leading Canadian personality in history

– why Norval was “physically and mentally” much more deteriorated, and far earlier, than his white “handlers” have ever admitted

– why Norval was “artistically” incapacitated much longer and earlier than his white “handlers” have claimed or revealed

– why Norval’s “wheelchair invalid period of painting” lasted much longer than his white “handlers” previously claimed

– why art historians and scholars must start to research and refer to Norval’s post-1989 period of painting as the “Burrowsseau” period

– why Norval could never have been involved, in any way, in drafting his notorious Affidavits of Forgery (2003-2005) that targeted only the business competitors of Toronto’s Kinsman Robinson Galleries, and no one else

– why Norval could never have been involved, at all, in 2005, in setting up the Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society (NMHS), AKA the “branch plant operation” of Toronto’s Kinsman Robinson Galleries

– why no crusading Judge, no investigative cop, no canny forensic scientist – in fact no other independent investigator of any kind – has ever found or produced proof for a single Morrisseau BDP forger or forgery

– why Norval had to “disappear” as the “Hidden Indian” and the “Dumb Indian” and die before the HOAX could begin

– why Norval had to die, and be buried for a year, before Ritchie Sinclair dared to publish his malicious web site

– why the RCMP waited till Norval was dead before beginning its three-year investigation into “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers,” and then ended up charging not a single forger or forgery

– why the Conspiracy Theorists waited till Norval was dead before daring to show up in any court with their allegations that it was a mentally alert and healthy Morrisseau, who was the sole source for their claim of “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers”

– why the Conspiracy Theorists have never taken a single forger, forgery, art dealer, art gallery owner, or auctioneer, to court in 23 years, but have worked the HOAX entirely through gullible CT Proxies like Val Ross, Doctors Browne & Witmer, and Hatfield, Hearn, & McDermott, who pay, and pay, and pay… chasing after “fool’s gold”

– why the Hatfield case ended in absolutely total personal & financial grief for the Plaintiff in March 2013

– why Paul Robinson, Donald Robinson, and their lawyer, shamelessly cut and ran in utter panic, from their libel lawsuit v Ugo Matulic in April 2013

– why the Hearn & the McDermott cases will, both, end in total grief for the Plaintiffs, just as our blog had also correctly predicted in Hatfield v Child, months before Judge Martial published his findings

– how and why lawyers have helped promote the HOAX, so making hundreds of thousands of dollars from the scandal

– why lazy, gullible, mainstream media “journalists” have become witless “Honorary Conspiracy Theorists” in helping to promote the biggest HOAX in Canadian history

– why James Adams & the Globe, are pursuing their vengeful media vendetta, in the face of overwhelming evidence that what they publish is unsubstantiated drivel of the worst kind – just another reminder of why, in poll after poll, Canadians overwhelmingly confess they loathe mainstream media journalists even more than lawyers

– the deadly toll that the HOAX has claimed so far: Michael Moniz, Val Ross, and yes, Norval Morrisseau… the first CT Proxy ever victimized by the Conspiracy Theorists


Norval’s Belief: Norval died in 2007. For many years before that his mind was destroyed by Dementia so he had no clue of what was going on around him.

I am absolutely certain that Norval would be totally devastated if he knew that the “greedy white men” who made millions from his art, after his death, have vengefully denounced thousands of his original paintings as “forgeries,” and have attacked, and accused of being diabolical forgers, scores of people to whom Norval was eternally grateful for originally buying his art, helping to pay his bills, and helping him to become a successful and world-renowned artist.


Norval’s “Voice from the Grave” – I believe that Norval’s newly discovered “Confessional Diary” paintings, say exactly that, and serve as his voice from the grave, saying so…


SYNOPSIS: Terms of Reference:
Norval Morrisseau (1932-2007) was Canada’s top Aboriginal artist, an artistic genius on a par with Picasso, founding as he did, a spectacular and entirely original and unique international art form, his “Woodland” or “Anishinaabe” school of art.

Alas! – After a life of decades of unbridled excess with alcohol, including literally drinking whole cases of vanilla extract, after-shave, Listerine, perfumes, etc., as well as living for years as a Dope Fiend and Coke Head, by the mid 1990s Norval had the most destroyed body and mind of any leading Canadian figure in Canadian history.

Noval would soon be reduced almost entirely to a life as a drooling quadriplegic, permanently in a wheelchair, incapable of coherent communication, but still eminently useful as a human business promotion prop by the “greedy white men,” handlers, scrabbling for financial advantage around his wheelchair. Of necessity, Norval would start a new life as the “Hidden Indian” and the “Dumb Indian.”

(For the best unvarnished, “warts and all” account of Norval’s early years leading to this, see James R Stevens, “A Picasso in the North Country”)



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The Physical, Mental, & Artistic Decline of Norval Morrisseau
A – PREAMBLE: SYNOPSIS: Terms of Reference

“1989 & All That”: From Morrisseau to Burrowsseau
Norval’s Terminal Care Period (2001 – 2007)
– Primary Caregiver to the Rescue 1990
The Really Important Conclusions
Norval Locked Up in Terminal Care 2001
Telling Parallel Development – The Fakes First Announced 2001


Barry Ace – Norval the “Diva”: Showman not Shaman 1995
– the Greedy White Man vs Sharing
      – Camp Stove
“the White Man” Syndrome
      – the “available” white man
“the white man” as a Bastard
the “Aboriginal Subsistence Culture” Way of Thinking: Sharing
      – The Case of the Missing Tapes
Norval’s Confessional Diary: Sinclair “The Theif in the Night”
      – Forensically certified “theif”
The Fabulous Confessional Diary Paintings
Barry Ace Notes a Telling Clash of Cultures
– “Greedy White Man” Illustrated: Part 1
     Gabe Vadas craves the DIAND Morrisseau Collection
– “Greedy White Man” Illustrated: Part 2
     – The Hugely Compromising Vadas Defence in Otavnik v Vadas

– “Greedy White Man” Illustrated: Part 3
     Vadas/Robinson “heist” of 384 Morrisseau paintings
     John MacGregor Newman – “hundreds more BDPs downstairs”
– “Greedy White Man” Illustrated: Part 4 
     John Geddes – “Such a sad answer”
– “Greedy White Man” Illustrated: Part 5
     Gabe wants all Norval’s stuff
– “Greedy White Man” Illustrated: Part 6
     Norval’s children have to fight the bogus will
– “Greedy White Man” Illustrated: Part 7
     Aboriginal teachers are accused & attacked
Norval Rejects Being a “Greedy White Man”
      – Norval says “Endre Szâz is just bullshit”
Aaron Milrad’s bogus claim that Norval is a “hurt, Sad Sack”
Morrisseau Confesses to Wolf that Copies are Grrreat…!
Norval NEVER Confesses Alleging Countless Forgeries
– 1 – Norval’s white handlers avoid judges & courts with a passion
– 2 – They manipulate hapless proxies to pay, and pay, and pay…
– 3 – They manipulate compliant and gullible proxies in the mainstream media
     James Adams – Globe Propagandist
     The Globe applies the Gag, again…
– 4 – Lawyers are having a field day
– 5 – Judges alone get it right, all the time
– Judge Martial definitively states both signature & painting genuine

The Ludicrous Hatfield Allegations
     – “The Bible tells me so”

Dementia – Alzheimer’s – Stroke
     – Dementia – Parkinson’s
The Scourge of Alcohol: Wolf Morrisseau’s tragic family history
Wolf says Norval lost his memory by 2001
Norval’s Alcohol Related Dementia
      – Oh, Puleeze…!
Dope Fiend & Coke Head

Myths About the Drunken Indian

     – My life in remote Aboriginal villages
     – Drinking: my take
Drinking: Norval laughs off his alcohol “problem”
Pollock meets a Norval “disgusting – drunk… pissed his pants” 1962
      – Red Lake Party Fatalities 1962
Village alcohol blow-out
      – A boy is stabbed
NFB Film & Norval’s non-stop “party time” 1973-4
The carnage along the “alcohol trail”
Booze & Paint Don’t Mix
      – Comber – Norval’s Art “… wasn’t as good as it used to be” 1987
      – Fikis from the “90s on anything goes”
Norval to John Geddes – “I’d really get drunk”
Lysol under lock & key
Norval’s Strokes, Parkinson’s Dementia
The Case of the Hidden Indian
Revising History
     – Vadas the “Care-taker,” was “kept,” and took all Norval’s stuff
CBC Life & Times – Dead End
Norval: the Virtual Quadriplegic
     – Norval’s Body Shuts Down early 90s
     – Dementia

Losing it… The Mental, Physical, & Artistic Decline of Norval Morrisseau
     – Obit – no intelligible speech

1970s – Norval losing sexual ability, in only his 40s, in the 1970s
1987 – Norval’s “art not as good as it used to be…” Lloyd Comber

Norval’s “Wheelchair Invalid Period of Painting” Begins
1989 – Burrowsseau Period Begins (1989-2007)

1990 – Norval’s early need for “primary care-givers”
1990 – Norval gives Power of Attorney to Gabe Vadas
1993 – Norval’s Parkinson’s becomes obvious
1993 – Vadas claims McLeod violates Copyright – NOT “forgeries”
1994 – Norval has Stroke #1
     DISCLOSURE: Totally Disabled by a Stroke
     How Strokes Crippled Norval
     TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack)
     Norval’s Real First Stroke
“Doctor” Robinson, “Master of the House of Invention
     – Fake Morrisseau Authenticator Part 1 – 31 wrong calls at Potters Auction
     – Fake Morrisseau Authenticator Part 2 – 23 wrong calls for Jim White
     – Fake Morrisseau Authenticator Part 3 – “Jesuit Preist” before Judge Godfrey
     – Fake Morrisseau Authenticator Part 4 – “Wheel” signature before Judge Martial
     – Fake Morrisseau Authenticator Part 5 – “Wheel” painting before Judge Martial
     – Fake Morrisseau Authenticator Part 6 – 70 of his fake BDPs certified by scientists
      – An astounding new Guinness Book of World Records 127 false authentications
                         by a so-called art expert

The Case of the Self-loathing Engineer
1994 – Norval Confesses – “can’t recognize his own work at KRG”
– Deception or Dementia? Norval or Robinson?
1996 – Wheelchair Artist: reduced to a minor crippled “laptop” artist
– Deception or Dementia? 1996 or 2001?
1997 – Kleinburg Video: Norval shakes uncontrollably & mumbles
Those mysterious blank backs of 1990s “Burrowsseau” paintings
1997 – Norval has Stroke #2
1997 – Sinclair says Norval mistakenly put 5 fakes into KRG’s “Travels
– Who’s the Dupe? Morrisseau? Robinson? Sinclair?
– The dastardly multi-level, self-serving cover-up
1997 – Norval totally “mum” on existence of any fakes in KRG’s “Travels”

The So-called Forgeries First Alleged 2001

2001 – Norval literally “locked up” in terminal care facility
2001 – Norval’s imminent death expected by everyone
      – “Die, Norval, Dammit, Die…”
2001 – May – Norval’s “Weird KRG Appraisal” for Jim White
      – Clientus Interruptus… at KRG
     Iliteracy at KRG
     Fuck off with your “providence”
      – Cover-up at KRG
      – Manipulating Norval’s Approval
Judge Martial’s reminds Robinson of his awful conflict of interest (2013)
2001 – May – Don Robinson first goes public with forgery allegations
2001 – May – Norval “skips out” on Murray Whyte
2001 – Dec – Norval can’t talk intelligibly to Dolly McGuire
2001 – Dec – Norval confesses to Wolf Morrisseau “my mind is gone”
2002 – Apr – Norval’s vegetative state in the devastating LeBlanc Video
2002 – Apr – Norval “can’t communicate intelligibly”
2003 – Jun – Norval’s Power of Attorney in overdrive by Vadas
2003 – Norval can’t utter a single word for the CBC’s “Life & Times”
2004 – Norval’s “body” displayed at KRG – the devastating CBC zoom
2005 – May – Norval can’t recognize dear old drinking buddy Gary Lamont
2005 – Mar – Norval can’t remember a huge 1988 “21 painting deal”
2005 – Mar – Gabe Vadas; selective memory of an “art terrorist” 1988-2005
2005 – Norval totally “mum” on existence of any fakes in “Return” to the House…”
Norval’s “Sinclair fakes” removed by Robinson in “Return to the House…”

Norval “Lazarus” Morrisseau’s Disastrous Affidavits of Forgeries
Issued 2003 – 2005

– Most disreputable documents in Canadian history
– Tom Hagan had a choice – the Cross Sommer Cross
– 2006 Norval can’t recognize his own son Christian
Why Norval never ever “calls” anyone, to “cease & desist”
Affidavits damaged Norval’s art, heritage, & valuations of First Nations artists everywhere
Norval AKA “Lazarus” AKA “the internet surfer” picks hundreds of “forgeries” 2005
“White man’s paper’s no fucking good.”
Norval AKA “Lazarus’” Affidavits target genuine works NOT fakes
Norval AKA “Lazarus’” Affidavits target ONLY reputable businesses NOT collectors
Why Gary Lamont Affidavit never served for years, while Norval alive

2005 – 2013 – Norval AKA “Lazarus” disastrous Affidavits totally discredited
independently, by three of Canada’s top forensic scientists

Judge Martial discounts discredited Affidavits, affirming “Wheel” is genuine 2013
2005 – Norval AKA “Lazarus” supposedly founds the NMHS
     Cultural Genocide with a vengeance
     “The Master of the House of Invention” AKA “The Shark in Still Waters”
Norval calls “Bryant (Ross) the Snake”
     Disclosure – I visit Ross & his “Burrowsseaus” 2005
     Forensically certified “snake”
2006 – Norval’s “old drinking buddy” (Marlow Goring) shocker
      – Norval totally gone
     Proof Norval signed many (thousands) of BDPs
2006 – Norval “No Show” in Otavnik v Vadas (for Morrisseau)
2006 – Donald “No Show” Robinson at Norval’s National Gallery of Canada Retrospective
2007 – Norval “No Show” in Moniz v CTVGlobemedia
      – Aaron Milrad Disaster
     Collateral Damage – Val Ross
      – Collateral Damage – Michael Moniz
2007 – Donald “No Call” Robinson at Norval’s Death
     Norval’s Diary denounces “The Shark in Still Waters”
      – Forensically certified “shark”
     Ritchie Sinclair calls Robinson a “shark”
          Ritchie “Daydreamer” Sinclair; “I dream of New York”
          Ritchie “The Meat Grinder” Sinclair
“Let’s burn the body, quick”
– Norval denounces “greedy white men” from the grave with his Confessional Paintings
2011 – RCMP fail to identify or charge a single Morrisseau forger or forgery
     McClintock Memories
the Cops, the Courts, the Scientists are Unanimous – not even 1 (one) fake
Norval & the cash economy
2013 – Judge Martial blasts the Conspiracy Theory out of the water
the Preposterous Mr. Robinson; from 2001-2013


– 1989 – Aldergrove “Summit” of the Morrisseau “Art Cartel”
– 1989 – Karl Burrows says he becomes “cartel’s” “fill-in” painter to the rescue
– 1989 – Donald Robinson says he becomes “cartel’s” Principal Morrisseau Dealer
– 1989 – Bryant Ross says he becomes Norval’s Business Manager
– 1990 – Gabe Vadas takes over Norval’s Power of Attorney
– 1990 – 2001 – “Mass Forgery Group Free” Period
– 2001 – Norval locked up, out of the way, in Terminal Care
– 2001 – Telling Parallel Event: First Ever “Mass Forgery Group” Alleged May 18

Karl Burrows whose name must be associated with Norval Morrisseau's "wheelchair invalid period" of painting.

Karl Burrows whose name must be forever associated with Norval Morrisseau’s “wheelchair invalid period” of painting.

“1989 & All That”: From Morrisseau to Burrowsseau – As an artist, Norval’s life can be divided into two distinct periods: before and after 1989, which for a lot of reasons was a totally defining year for Morrisseau, his art, and so for Morrisseau collectors around the world.

– the Morrisseau period (1960 – 1989) when Norval reached his peak and fame as a solo artist and did whatever the hell he pleased with sex, booze, and drugs, oh, and artistic expression, ending in a slump by the end of the 80s.

– the Burrowsseau period (1989 – 2007) AKA Norval’s “wheelchair invalid period of painting” when Norval’s life of excess finally took its deadly toll, with his body, mind, and artistic abilities going into a noticeably steep decline, and he came under the total control of a group of white business managers AKA “the Conspiracy Theorists,” AKA “the Morrisseau art cartel,” who, acting in concert with Morrisseau’s longtime companion, Gabe Vadas, who wielded Norval’s Power of Attorney, for the next 17 years, till he died, completely directed and dictated Norval’s personal, artistic, business, financial, and media affairs.

One of the white men working for the Morrisseau art cartel, Karl Burrows, a very talented artist, was hired by the group in 1989 to “fill-in” paint for an increasingly shaky and trembling Morrisseau.

(Hence I call all subsequent paintings “Burrowsseaus,” believing that the evidence is strong, after that date, of the possibility that “Norval’s children,” to borrow Ms. Hatfield’s characterization, may very well have had “dual paternity.”)

“To Whom It May Concern, I Karl J Burrows, worked for Norval Morrisseau from 1989 until his death, my duties included sales, promotion, printing and painting… signed and dated in L.A. Ca, U.S.A, 5th Aug,. 09” (Statement provided by Karl Burrows 2009)

Burrows states he worked as an artist for Norval and the cartel from 1989 till 2007, when Norval died. He further stated he painted numerous complete canvases in that time and he also signed them with Norval’s Cree syllabic signature on the front, and also “backdated” many. This, of course, was to help get around the suspicions of people who might begin to wonder how the virtual quadriplegic they had glimpses of in the media, could possible paint so many large canvases, oh, and with such a steady hand.)

So, from 1989 on you are free to speculate on the intriguing question for all the new paintings to come***: how much did Burrows paint? How much did Morrisseau paint? Hence all paintings from then on must be clearly called “Burrowsseaus” to reflect the painting partnership that created them, in whole or in part.

(***These paintings, were almost all sold by Donald Robinson of Toronto’s Kinsman Robinson Galleries – he testified in court he sold some 1,000 of this kind of painting, though he has never mentioned the “help” provided by Burrows, the artist’s longtime “assistant.” In fact Robinson probably denies that there is any truth to Burrows’ statement.

More Burrowsseaus (states Burrows) were sold through Bryant Ross, one of the founding Conspiracy Theorists, who became Norval’s business manager the same year Burrows was hired. Ross had a Morrisseau art gallery in Aldergrove, BC, where the celebrated 1989 meeting took place of the Conspiracy Theorist cartel, whose members would become the founders and promoters of the “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers” in 2001. (Charter members of the cartel who were at Aldergrove in 1989 were Morrisseau, Gabe Vadas, Donald Robinson, Bryant Ross. Karl Burrows may have been present).

Note: The “wheelchair,” to which Norval was totally confined in 1996, is used as the outward symbol, only, to underline the extremity of Norval’s physical and mental collapse. In fact the wheelchair symbolizes NOT the beginning of Norval’s decline but the end, when the many physical maladies that had started attacking his body and mind in the 1970s, and accelerating through the 80s, finally collapsed him, as a total wreck of an invalid into a virtual quadriplegic, totally dependent on others for every part of his personal, private, and public life as a person and an artist.

– Norval’s Terminal Care period (2001 – 2007) AKA “the Conspiracy Theorist period of “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers,” which began when Norval was finally locked up in a terminal care facility, an event that totally coincided with the publication, by his white business managers, of the first ever media allegations of a supposedly vast forgery factory grinding out thousands of fakes.

The five day Hatfield v Child trial (2010-2013) exposed the damning evidence – big-time – that at the very time (2005) that Conspiracy Theorists claimed Norval Morrisseau was mentally alert, was apparently vigorously surfing the internet for so-called “fakes,” and supposedly frantically issuing his multiple Affidavits of Forgery, for hundreds of paintings – including one for “Wheel of Life 1979” – he was, instead, actually in the advanced stages of Dementia, couldn’t say a decipherable word, was far past communicating anything on any level to anyone, and couldn’t even recognize his own son during a visit to a terminal care facility, where Norval had been housed “incommunicado” by his so-called “primary care-takers” for years…

In fact the damning evidence trail of Norval’s disabling Parkinson’s, and advancing Dementia (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, related Dementia and Alcohol Dementia all overlap) has left numerous telltale highlights going back at least to 1990, when, even as early as then, Donald Robinson – the self-styled “Principal Morrisseau Dealer” himself, notes with telling clarity in his 2005 updated Chronology for his “Return to the House of Invention,” that:

“1990 – (Norval) Moves to White Rock, British Columbia, with Gabe, his wife, Michele, and family. Gabe and Michele act as primary caregivers and business managers.” (ed: my emphasis) (“Return to the House of Invention,” Robinson & Morrisseau (KRG) 2005, p 156.)

Wait a minute…!Which brings up an interesting question: Why would Morrisseau, who has decades of “hands-on” management and sales experience, all built on a career as Canada’s top Aboriginal painter for over thirty years, and is probably Canada’s most prolific painter of all time, possibly need to engage Gabe Vadas, an ignorant down-and-out street kid he picked up on the lowlife streets of Vancouver, and a high school dropout from a remote BC logging town, with no education, business, or art accomplishments or related skills, of any kind, to manage Norval’s Canadian and international art and business affairs, in 1990?

“Fill-in” Artist & Primary Caregiver to the Rescue: And if Norval was of sound mind and body, why would he possibly need to hire a “fill-in” painter like Burrows, as early as 1989?

1 – Why Did They Avoid Judges & Courts With a Passion? – Why had Norval’s “handlers,” the two white men around his wheelchair (Donald Robinson and Gabe Vadas), who had first raised allegations of “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers” ten years earlier, in 2001, never taken a single forger or forgery to court, in all that time?

This is compromisingly outrageous in the extreme because they were certainly busy, in all the years that followed, like cyber bullies, slanging reputable Morrisseau art dealers from coast to coast, and threatening them non-stop with legal “cease and desist” letters, lawyer’s letters and affidavits. But not once, in all that time, did they ever follow through and drag even one alleged forger or forgery to court, to put the alleged “creep” in the dock so they could present their proof in front of a judge.

Far from it. When the Conspiracy Theorists (Vadas, lawyer Milrad, Morrisseau) were threatened with being dragged into court and to “put up or shut up” by art dealer Joe Otavnik following the Heffel fiasco in 2007, they “ran for the hills” rather than face the wrath of a judge in court. And they paid Otavnik hush money to put an end to their false claims.

When art dealer Michael Moniz launched a lawsuit against the Globe (acting on evidence of so-called forgeries provided by lawyer Milrad and Vadas in 2007) and demanding the paper “put up or shut up,” Vadas, lawyer Milrad, and Morrisseau again “ran for the hills.” with their customary indecorous and unseemly haste, instead of standing by the Globe, whose reporter published false claims they had made. Leaving the Globe holding the bag, and having to pay hush money to Moniz.

Obviously knowing they had no believable proof of forgeries of any kind, the Defendants opted to settle out of court, rather than face the wrath of a judge with their charges against paintings that had been forensically proven to be authentic. So Vadas paid off Otavnik with $11,000 and the Globe paid off Moniz with some $25,000 for falsely libeling the art dealers and defaming their genuine art as fakes in public.

This fact alone, testifies how utterly insincere were the Conspiracy Theorists in their claims of so-called forgery, how unsubstantiated and skimpy was their proof and allegations, and how utterly impossible they themselves felt were their chances in convincing any reasonable minded third party like a judge of their claims.

So for twelve years they just opted for an art terrorism strategy against Canada’s leading Morrisseau dealers, that promised a better success rate. Bully their way through with private letters, and ramp up every Canadians’ worst nightmare, a midnight phone call from some lawyer… No not because it meant jail time, or you were guilty of anything, but because it meant “bankrupt” time in the necessity of having to pay lawyers huge bucks to defend you even against a specious and unmeritorious SLAPP lawsuit.

Why had Vadas and Robinson waited to announce their allegations of so-called forgeries until Norval was safely locked away, in 2001, in a terminal care facility where all access, by anyone, to the greatly mentally and physically deteriorated artist, was tightly controlled by Gabe Vadas?

Until they had Norval locked up, and isolated, with outside access completely controlled, there had never been any allegations of “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers” ever rumoured or published in writing anywhere.

It is pretty clear that Vadas and Robinson now felt safe to launch their “forgeries, forgeries, everywhere” business initiative, as they had taken steps to make sure that no one had access to Morrisseau to try to confirm if what these two guys were saying was true.

In fact it worked like a charm. The very first journalist, Murray Whyte, in 2001, tried to reach Morrisseau to confirm the allegations and couldn’t.

Whyte, forgoing the requisite “due diligence” with his sources, apparently concluded “Oh, hell. I’ll publish anyway,” and launched the biggest art Hoax in Canadian history, destroying with his unconscionable and unsubstantiated charges in the media, tens of millions of dollars in valuations of Morrisseau art in the possession of hundreds of decent and honourable Canadians from coast to coast.

Panic, which Whyte turned loose, can do that in the volatile art market. It’s tantamount to yelling “Fire” in a crowded movie theatre or a basement bar.

2 – Making a Hapless CT Proxy Pay, and Pay, and Pay…! – How did the Conspiracy Theorists, when they had refused to take a single forger or forgery to court themselves – we believe because they had no proof any judge would swallow – in over twelve years, did they manage to convince a little old schoolmarm, Margaret Hatfield, a retired public school teacher on a meager pension, to become a Conspiracy Theorist Proxy, and spend over $40,000 of her own money and counting, to try to prove that a $10,000 painting is a fake? Is that not over-the-top madness?

The Don and Ritchie tag-team posing with Conspiracy Theory Proxy #4, Margaret Hatfield who would waste tens of thousands of dollars chasing a forgery theory which had not proof...

The Don and Ritchie tag-team (Robinson and Sinclair) posing with Conspiracy Theory Proxy #4, Margaret Hatfield who would waste over $40,000 dollars, on a fool’s errand, at their urging trying to prove a painting she had paid $10,000 for was a forgery. A painting vetted as genuine by two respected art dealers, Norval’s brother, and a top Canadian forensic scientist. When the judge agreed with them, Don and Ritchie, and her lawyer, encouraged her to spend thousands more on an appeal… It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, world when you listen to conniving, self-interested Conspiracy Theorists, instead of using your own brain, common sense, independent experts, and practicing due diligence.

Proxies are third parties, who are chosen to become legal “stand-ins” for the claims of the Conspiracy Theorists. They are gullible, and easily suckered into becoming the active agents promoting the Hoax about fakes, and who, either publish unsubstantiated drivel without doing due diligence (i.e. newspaper journalists), or pay for a court case, alleging fakes, which the Conspiracy Theorists want to advance as a business initiative but don’t want to pay for.

Hatfield could have avoided the whole mess by practicing simple “due diligence” in cross-checking malicious information about so-called fakes she was given, by people she had met on an “internet date.”

The Proxy Psychosis – Hey, the explanation is simple. The proxies – always neophyte, art dilettantes, or paid mainstream media drudges – fall easily into the hands of malicious Conspiracy Theorist Hoaxers for various reasons. They begin to doubt genuine works, genuine dealers, genuine facts, genuine judicial rulings, genuine findings by forensic scientists, and in the end even doubt themselves, and end up believing the most ludicrous and unsubstantiated fraudulent claims imaginable from people they only met on the internet. Or who sought them out to persuade them they had purchased fakes.

In the end CT Proxies prefer to believe blowhard hucksters – like those Ms. Hatfield found on a spurious Morrisseau internet site – and start to doubt established, reputable, honest, and decent people like Joe McLeod, whose Morrisseau art selling days go back to 1960. And who still is close to the Morrisseau family, over fifty years later.

Unlike the Conspiracy Theorists who are totally estranged from all the Morrisseaus. Today both Conspiracy Theorists and the Morrisseau family are fighting to claim Norval’s missing 40 million dollar art hoard.

Hard as it is to believe, Proxies even start to doubt judges, like Morgan, Lacavera, Godfrey, and Martial, all of whom found against the Conspiracy Theorists and their bogus claims.

The Conspiracy Theorist Proxy Profile – CT Proxies are often “new” to the Canadian fine art market, in buying expensive art.

– they are buying expensive art not because of a passion but because they have disposable income to buy luxuries they can “show off,”

– they are invariably hugely uninformed about art in general, and Morrisseau in particular, and so are easily cajoled into deferring their reasoning powers and judgment to listen instead to unprincipled and diabolical Conspiracy Theorists who say, things like:

“Trust me! I’m the world expert. I knew Norval. Norval was a lover friend of mine. Norval appointed me his sole successor. Norval’s mind was sharp as a tack right to the end. And Norval told me personally, ‘They’re all fakes, thousands of them.’ Trust me.”

A typical proxy might respond: “OK, ok, ok, I believe yah! Hey, I didn’t buy art to hafta go back to school, become a kid again, and hafta learn all kinds of stuff about ‘Morrison,’ and ‘providence…’ Look, I just wanted a Lexus to hang in my living room! Is that so wrong? I believe yah when you say I’ll get all my money back and more. I don’t wanna learn all this stuff. Just go on with the lawsuit!”

CT Proxy #5, we predict without the slightest doubt, will end up eating something unpalatable for being the latest neophyte art collector for failing to practice due diligence and falling into the hands of the Conspiracy Theorists.

CT Proxy #5, we predict without the slightest doubt, will end up eating something unpalatable for being the latest neophyte art collector for failing to practice due diligence and falling into the hands of the Conspiracy Theorists.

– proxies are often “local celebrities,” with money to burn, doing the mindless “upper class” thing and buying “high end” art to show off to friends, relatives, and colleagues. It’s on the same level as buying a Bentley, Ferrari, or Lexus. They’re not at all interested in practicing due diligence; hell they are panting to buy the ostentatious luxury, to “show off.”

International Art Dilettantes: Remember it was two gullible high society Dutch industrialist millionaires, D. G. van Beuningen and W. van der Vorm, who had not a clue about art, who paid multi-millions for forged Vermeers in the 1930s and 40s.

(Vermeers are the most highly coveted art works in the world since there are only some 35 authentic ones left. Because they are valued at $200 million plus, they are a favourite of forgers – obviously – not Morrisseaus that you could buy for only hundreds of dollars as recently as 2001, when Donald Robinson and some 200 art dealers eagerly snapped them up at Randy Potter Auctions from 1999 to 2008.)

Canadian Art Dilettantes: Remember too, it was none other than Toronto’s own David Mirvish – you know, who inherited millions from his father, who had made his money the “Honest” way – whose woeful ignorance about art, resulted in him blowing away some $10 million ($10,000,000) on three fake Jackson Pollocks c 2007. Honest Ed would roll over in his grave at the spendthrift son he had raised.

Neither the Dutch industrialist millionaires, nor Mirvish the inheritor, had scientific testing done on their paintings. They all just believed their art dealer’s say so, that the paintings (they turned out to be fakes) were a good deal. That is not “due diligence” considering what Toronto lawyer and international art expert Bonnie Czegledi says:

Bonnie Czegledi, a Toronto lawyer and international stolen art sleuth, is a product of Harvard, Yale, and Osgoode, and a member of the Canadian, American, and International bar associations), thinks it has all changed for the worse.

Bonnie Czegledi, a Toronto lawyer and international stolen art sleuth, is a product of Harvard, Yale, and Osgoode, and a member of the Canadian, American, and International bar associations), thinks the art business has all changed for the worse.

“Over a period of a few years, I discovered that the business of art is one of the most corrupt, dirtiest industries on the planet. There are no regulations and theft is rampant. It’s not pretty. The patina of loveliness that most people associate with art didn’t exist in the reality that I found. It was filled with criminals – and a lot of different kinds.” (Bonnie Czegledi, quoted, Hot Art, Knelman, p25)

In fact Edward Dolnick (See Books) says passionate and committed high end buyers never do scientific testing and neither do art dealers. Dolnick points out that just about the last thing an art dealer, who has an eager art buyer on the line for a big bucks purchase, want to do is to cause problems with forensic testing that might uncover stuff that could jeopardize or stop a highly lucrative sale. A sale takes precedence over everything else.

Art dealers are salesmen first and foremost. None are Mother Teresa.

Postscript: It is collectors alone, who care only for authenticity, not sales, who alone, have sought out forensic scientists to test their Morrisseau paintings, over 70 to date. All came back from three different scientists as authentic, not fakes as malevolently claimed by a few.

Jonathan Browne, AKA "the Dung Beetle Doctor," AKA Proxy #3, who lost a wonderful painting when he called a genuine Morrisseau a fake, and passed a little old lady school teacher straight into the arms of the Conspiracy Theorists. The experience has set her back some $40,000 in legal fees. Will he help bail her out with a donation?

Jonathan Browne, AKA “the Dung Beetle Doctor,” AKA Proxy #3, who lost a wonderful painting when he called a genuine Morrisseau a fake, and passed a little old lady school teacher straight into the arms of the Conspiracy Theorists. The experience has set her back some $40,000 in legal fees. Will he help bail her out with a donation?

Head in the Sand Intellectualism: In the Morrisseau alleged fakes, there are parallels to what Dolnick states.

If you can imagine: Dr. Jonathan Browne and Dr. Julie Witmer refused to do scientific forensic testing on the painting they claimed was a fake even though outsiders offered to pay for it all.

In other words, this high flying Ottawa couple was not going to let scientific facts get in the way of their Conspiracy Theory beliefs that they had picked up on a spurious fine are internet dating site…

None of them – Browne, Witmer, Hatfield, Hearn, or McDermott – playing it like the gullible and ignorant Dutch industrialists, and spendthrift inheritor Mirvish – did scientific testing on their paintings, preferring to listen to unsubstantiated gossip from conniving Conspiracy Theorists.

"Grandfather Speaks" the painting trashed in the media, and which was subsequently certified a genuine Morrisseau by a forensic scientist. Proving you need brains, not just money to spend wisely.

“Grandfather Speaks” the painting trashed in the media, by Dr. Browne and Dr. Witmer, and which was subsequently certified a genuine Morrisseau by a forensic scientist. Proving you need brains, not just money to spend wisely.

The Devastating Truth: In fact ALL the paintings, without a single exception, involved in the so-called Morrisseau fakes cases (some 9 so far) that resulted in legal action: Otavnik v Vadas, Moniz v CTVglobemedia, Browne v Bugera, Otavnik v Sinclair, Sinclair v Otavnik 1, Sinclair v Otavnik 2, Hatfield v Child, Otavnik v Toronto Police Service Board, Goldi v Sinclair – have ALL been forensically certified by three of Canada’s top forensic scientists, with DNA certainty, as genuine Morrisseaus. Without a dissenting finding.

The Hoax Exposed: It is exactly this kind of due diligence with scientific testing that exposed the Dutch fakes, the Mirvish fakes, and exposed the Morrisseau Hoax of “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers.” To date over 70 paintings claimed to be fakes by Conspiracy Theorists have been forensically certified, with DNA certainty, as genuine Morisseaus, without a single dissenting finding.

– mainstream journalists, who, by a huge and repeated failure to do due diligence, have gleefully become gullible proxies and witless tools, of the Conspiracy Theorists, mindlessly advancing the Hoax, include:

Murray Whyte would regret that publishing before verifying his sources can embarass you for the rest of your life. In 2012 he was sent back to school at Ryerson to brush up on Jouranlsim 101.

Murray Whyte would regret that publishing before verifying his sources can embarrass you for the rest of your life. In 2012 he was sent back to school at Ryerson to brush up on journalism 101.

Murray Whyte, who started the whole debacle in 2001, by refusing to seek out the “provenance” for the facts, and publishing without checking or verifying the truth for any of it with Norval Morrisseau himself. A totally unforgivable lapse for a journalist. Or for anyone with a brain…

Proxy #2 cost her employer some $25,000 for calling a genuine Morrisseau a fake.

Proxy #2 cost her employer some $25,000 for calling a genuine Morrisseau a fake.

Val Ross of the Globe (2007) whose premature death, within months of publishing, was likely hastened by her catastrophically ignorant article alleging fake Morrisseaus – which they never were – and for which the Globe was successfully sued by Michael Moniz.

Moniz won some $25,000 from CTVglobemedia for being libeled and having his paintings defamed.

A totally innacurate reflection of the case, the article, and the truth, is this journalistically incompetent headline to snag all those people who only read newspaper headers...

A totally inacurate reflection of the case, the article, and the truth, is this journalistically incompetent headline to snag all those people who only read newspaper headers… The “lawyer” mentioned is Jonathan Sommer who has “worked” for several Conspiracy Theorist “proxies” and obviously finds this a lucrative field of endeavour.

Jonathan Sommer has to date involved himself in four legal cases on the side of the Conspiracy Theorists.

Jonathan Sommer has to date involved himself in four legal cases on the side of the Conspiracy Theorists.

Jacquie Miller put up a trolling ad for a lawyer looking for work.

Jacquie Miller put up a trolling ad for a lawyer looking for work.

Jacquie Miller of the Ottawa Citizen (2013) who crafted a hopelessly ludicrous article that looked more like a business ad for Conspiracy Theorist lawyer Jonathan Sommer*** than a responsible piece of journalism. She probably had to rush off to do an article on Princess Kate’s new baby…

(***Lawyer Jonathan Sommer has now involved himself in at least four cases which promote the Conspiracy Theory, of “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers:” for lawyer Zak Muskovitch, for Hatfield, for Hearn, and for McDermott.)

Head-in-the-sand journalism in Lotus Land.

Head-in-the-sand journalism in Lotus Land.

Katie Mercer of the Vancouver Province (2010) who advanced the same old Conspiracy Theorist nonsense – hell for a journalist it’s always the easiest way out of having to do research. She spent an hour on the phone listening to Ugo Matulic who informed her of the mountain of scientific evidence that exposed the Hoax, but she wrote not a single line of countering evidence that he provided her. It was obviously too complicated for her mind, and she did have to file other stories before the day ended…

Sleepy James Adams (Val Ross’s successor in the Globe arts portfolio) whose repeated and sloppily researched articles continue to give a Hoax and a Conspiracy Theory invented and spread by the same tiny handful of repeatedly discredited Hoaxers, more prominence than the facts clearly established by 40 odd reputable Morrisseau art dealers and experts across Canada.

James Adams inherited Val Ross' art column, and it seems her virus against genuine Morrisseau paintings.

James Adams inherited Val Ross’ art column, and it seems her virus against genuine Morrisseau paintings.

Worse yet, Adams willfully ignores the unanimous findings, with DNA certainty, in over 70 paintings, by three of Canada’s top forensic scientists, certifying, independently, that what the two or three hard core Conspiracy Theorists claim is utterly false.

In effect, Adams, clearly a droning drudge and mindless robot on this file, is publishing drivel. If he was a proper journalist, interested in due diligence, he would have been forced to dismiss the fakes allegations long ago, as being founded on anything other than malicious self-interest of an irrelevant handful, because he could not – and has not – been able to find or show, support for his silly articles with any independently verifiable evidence at all.

His malevolent bosses at the Globe, sent the dutiful drudge to pursue his witch hunt, because Canada’s biggest newspaper was humiliated and forced to pay out $25,000 for lousy journalism, to a part-time taxi driver and security guard, who had a passion for something real and genuine (Morrisseau original art) that the paper and its chief journalist on the file, libeled and defamed.

They’re out for revenge, against the independent internet investigative journalists that have made life hell for toadying mainstream media journalist drones, as papers have been forced to lay off thousands of their hacks because people have become disgusted with the crap they write in the traditional media.

(Circulation at the Toronto Star, for example has dropped by 41% from 2007 to 2011, and The National Post and the Sun chain by 30 to 34%, by far the biggest drop in history. The sloppy and incompetent way mainstream media journalists have covered the Morrisseau Hoax is a good example of why readers have turned away in record numbers from the offerings of lazy mainstream media hacks.)

Committed to the Public Interest – Heavily researched and well-documented independent blogs like this one, and that of Ugo Matulic, published by passionate and caring and committed investigative journalists – the total antithesis of the mindless mainstream journalist wage slaves and drudges – offer much better and far more accurate and reliable fare, than the bits of crappy celebrity news items now routinely crammed between the ballooning pages of newspaper ads.

Adams, by spending 80% of his articles alleging forgeries, implying constantly that there are two equally meritorious contesting parties, instead of one totally discredited (by judge after judge, scientist after scientist, fact after fact) group of three plus their lawyers, against the overwhelming rest of the Canadian fine art world, and the top members of the forensic science and handwriting analysis community of experts.

By deliberately fudging the truth and deliberately totally ignoring any reasonable semblance of balance in giving the true state of the facts in the case, Adams is maliciously just advancing the Hoax as somehow credible. He continues to give it a life it has never deserved.

Shame on James…

Yes James Does Know Better! – Just like many Conspiracy Theorist proxies, it is not because Adams doesn’t know better; he does.

Site meter readings confirm that he regularly visits the two Morrisseau blogs that publish the evidence that gives him the incontrovertible proof of the biggest Hoax in Canadian history. Proving, incontrovertibly, that his articles are a “crock.” He just prefers to hide his head somewhere so he can publish garbage his editors prefer instead.

In fact, within only a couple of hours, after publishing his unbalanced and distorted article in which he named as an alleged forger, one fictitious “Randy Voss,” a person he either made up, as a result of his usual incompetent and careless brand of slap-dash journalism, he quickly removed it. But tellingly, only minutes after a scathing Morrisseau blog pointed out his mindlessly sloppy error to the world.


James’ text with the fictitious name which he originally published before removing it after an informed blogger who does practice due diligence set him straight.

He is certainly following, with a passion, in the footsteps of the hugely inept and hapless Val Ross, his disgraced predecessor on the file.

But no doubt pleasing his bosses at the Globe who are still smarting after having followed the same bogus line in 2007 – from exactly the same discredited so-called “experts” which Adams still prefers to listen to – forcing the paper to pay off Michael Moniz with $25,000 for having defamed and libeled him and his art with the same malicious twaddle.

Globe Gag Order – And then, to save them from a huge public embarrassment, forced a “gag” order on Moniz to prevent him from disclosing how incompetent and malicious the journalist and the Globe was, in willfully promoting a Hoax. And finally in being too scared to put their proof before a judge, deliberately demanding Moniz hide the true facts of the case.

Note: the Globe hoped to hide, from public disclosure that not only was it guilty of incompetent journalism, but was hosting a malevolent workplace as well. Not only was Val Ross hounded to an early grave, but another top Globe journalist, Jan Wong, who was also Val’s friend and commiserator, was hounded to a mental breakdown requiring hospital therapy, over an article she wrote and had cleared by Globe management. The Globe then stabbed Wong in the back, when it received negative feedback, which caused her breakdown. The paper then also slapped a Gag order on her settlement agreement, which Wong refused to sign off on. She wrote a book on her Globe experience.

Globe collateral damage to date: Morrisseau, Moniz, Ross, Wong…

Michael Moniz won the biggest settlement for a lawsuit any individual in our memory has ever won against a newspaper.

Michael Moniz won the biggest settlement for a lawsuit any individual in our memory has ever won against a newspaper. He was right in saying his Morrisseau was authentic; the Globe and its journalist as wrong and slanging as it’s possible to be.

In fact, two weeks before he died, Moniz told me the stress on his personal life and health resulting from the Globe’s vendetta against him had never abated. Michael, like Val, before him, died before his time, she a victim of the malicious claims of Conspiracy Theorists, and Michael a victim of the vendetta of Conspiracy Theorist proxies in the mainstream media, the Globe and its stable of discredited journalists.

The Conspiracy Theorists Weigh In – The day after Michael died one of the main Conspiracy Theorists sent out a triumphant email saying, “Hey dumb fuck, One down, two to go!”

That’s the sort of company James prefers to keep…

– it is why proxies like this lend themselves so beautifully to being “putty” in the hands of the malicious Conspiracy Theorists, making it inevitable that all are destined to coming to a predictable, costly, stressful, and embarrassing end, like Ms. Hatfield, or in addition to that, also a fatal one for Val Ross.

Conspiracy Theory promoter Ritchie Sinclair, hard at work carrying “Wheel of Life 1979” for Margaret Hatfield. She originally loved it, but now that Sinclair called it a fake she hates it. “Too bad,” said forensic scientist Dr. Atul K Singla, “it’s authentic.” “Too bad, it’s real,” echoed Judge Martial, “both the front and the back.” Proving Margaret Hatfield should not have gone internet “dating” which is where she found Sinclair and his bad advice. He’s in a suit, to try to fool the judge, when mostly he wears a Davy Crockett outfit.

Conspiracy Theory promoter Ritchie Sinclair, hard at work carrying “Wheel of Life 1979” for Margaret Hatfield. She originally loved it, but now that Sinclair called it a fake she hates it. “Too bad,” said forensic scientist Dr. Atul K Singla, “it’s authentic.” “Too bad, it’s real,” echoed Judge Martial, “both the front and the back.” Proving Margaret Hatfield should not have gone internet “dating” which is where she found Sinclair and his bad advice.

– to date the gullible proxies who have been used and abused to provide life support to help to promote and prolong the lingering death rattle of a thoroughly discredited Hoax are: Dr. Jonathan Browne (NGC patron), Dr. Julie Witmer (NGC patron), Kevin Hearn (keyboard player), Murray Whyte, Val Ross, Katie Mercer, Jacquie Miller, James Adams (mainstream media hacks), Ms. Hatfield (retired schoolmarm), John McDermott (he can sing but he can’t read).

Believe me, all are sorry today, or will be tomorrow, and wish that they had never heard of Norval Morrisseau, and now hate with a passion, a genuine work of art of his that they once fell in love with…

– oh, we must not forget the lawyers, who are getting rich convincing proxy after proxy, and encouraging them to go to court “to get their money back.” Ms. Hatfield did so; it cost her over $40,000 to try to defame a painting that cost her only $10,000. She then suffered the ultimate indignity when the judge ended up saying “without a shadow of a doubt” that her painting was genuine. Not all forty thousand went to her lawyer, of course; some went for streetcar fare, postage stamps and stationery, sundries, etc.

– lawyers are also recruited by people who are forced to defend themselves against untrue and malicious, defamatory and libelous attacks on their persons, their business, and their art. These legal costs to date, have cost totally innocent and reputable Canadian business people some $200,000 if you can believe, just defending their genuine paintings and hard-won business reputations from the slanging attacks of malicious Conspiracy Theorists, aided and abetted by lazy and mindless police investigators, lazy and mindless Crown Attorneys, and lazy and witless mainstream media journalists. None of whom have followed even basic “due diligence” in trying to vet whether even a smidgen of what they claim is true.

It’s why lawyers, on all sides, have also profited from the claims of the “Conspiracy Theorists,” who have generated several hundred thousands of dollars to put into the pockets of grateful lawyers.

A More Cheery Hopeful Note: Judges dealing with the Morrisseau issues, alone, have an untarnished record for “calling it correctly,” and have unanimously come down on the side of those whose persons and art are attacked by Conspiracy Theorists, and against the side claiming forgeries exist: including Morgan (first sounded an early alarm in Whent v Canada 1996), Godfrey (twice), Martial, Lacavera, Holub, McCrae, Bobesich, Filkin, & Birchall.

All these Conspiracy Theorist Proxies are out thousands of dollars, some scores of thousands, have suffered untold personal and family grief, and have all ended up being thoroughly and totally humiliated, both inside and outside court by judges and investigative journalists in the non-mainstream media.

The Hatfield trial would be the longest court case on a Canadian art controversy in Canadian history. It can be the poster child judicial proceeding that illustrates the predictable end for all Conspiracy Theorist proxies.

In the end Ms. Hatfield had spent almost $50,000 on suing over her $10,000 painting which her numerous “advisors” (longtime business associates, the self-declared “expert,” Ritchie Sinclair and art dealer Donald Robinson; Gabe Vadas; lawyer Aaron Milrad) insisted was a totally worthless forgery.

A claim Judge Paul Martial strongly disagreed with, totally “rejecting” the key testimony of both her two so-called experts: Donald Robinson and his KRG business associate, Ritchie Sinclair, and lecturing her on not doing – in fact refusing – to do “due diligence” herself before starting to slang people (my characterization) which she continued to do with a vengeance in court.

He found, in fact, that Robinson was actually a self-serving businessmen, whose self interest it was to attack a painting which Judge Martial went on to declare was genuinely signed on the back by Morrisseau.

Tellingly Judge Martial went on to extend that finding about the signature on the back, to pronounce that the other side was a genuine Morrisseau painting as well.

Judge Martial’s finding, ruling, starkly and totally, against all the claims of the Conspiracy Theorists, would be just another in a long unbroken line of judicial rebuffs for them. It was a devastating result not only for their so-called expertise, but also for their trembling victim, the little old lady school teacher. She had already lost $40,000 for legal fees and counting… for a painting she had only paid $10,000 for.

The judgment issued by Judge Martial, put to bed, once and for all, the so-called controversy over the alleged fakes, as he completely dismissed the testimony and believability of the so-called “expert witness” in the case, Donald Robinson, as too much compromised by conflict of interest. And he found that Morrisseau, himself, was not believable or credible either by commission or omission, resulting from so much evidence indicating his advanced Dementia.

It is this tragic decline of Canada’s leading Aboriginal artist that we document below. It is the first time this has ever been done.

It lays out the proof that Morrisseau, whose art output peaked in the 70s and early 80s, went into a serious artistic decline by the early 1990s, directly due to the precipitous and serious physical and mental deteriorations that were obviously and noticeably victimizing Norval from then on.

Norval’s artistic output is clearly in freefall. And Norval was not, as Donald Robinson has vociferated, on the threshold of one of the greatest and most prolific periods of art production in his entire life.

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