KUDOS 3 – update Feb 7

Quiz for the Kids: “Is that Kevin “Sandwiches” Hearn, or Jonathan Jerome Sommer, killing Norval Morrisseau?”

A fabulous original Nathaniel Currier hand-coloured lithograph from c 1846 – A precursor of the later Currier & Ives prints, are these original paper prints by Nathaniel Currier from the 1830s and 40s. Every single one is slightly different because each was hand-painted over top of a black and white print. It shows the Death of Tecumseh in 1813. Note how in these early lithos, the amount of colour painted in was rather minimal. Sorry, but NO error-free provenance listing, detailing the chain of title of its previous owners – and without which art historian Carmen Robertson says a work of art is “fake” – is available to validate this 172 year old historic work of art. Other than that it was part of the George Harlan Collection, and is now part of the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum Coll. Harlan, as all museum curators must do, validated it as genuine, completely independently of “provenance.” He wouldn’t accept such an idiotic standard for deciding what is genuine, and neither would I. He wouldn’t accept fakes. And neither would I. Nor would former New York’s MOMA director, celebrated international art and fraud expert, Tom Hoving, who has some cautionary words for Carmen Robertson. “Fuck off with your provenance. That can all be faked.” (CURRIER & IVES)

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(Successes in exposing the worst art (& other) frauds in Canadian history)

– April Fool Nominee 2017 – Don “Principal Morrisseau Dealer” Robinson

– April Fool Nominee 2016 – Ritchie “Convicted Art Terrorist” Sinclair

A Museum Curator’s True Tales of Provenance & Authenticity
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Curator’s Choice – 314 of Canada’s Finest Historical Memorabilia
Curator’s Choice – Finest Autographs

– discovering the first combat photographer in World History
– EST SICUT FACTUM EST #1 – (FO “provenance” Tom Hoving)
A Curator Celebrating ebay
– discovering the finest military pipe in the world
– EST SICUT FACTUM EST #2 – (FO “provenance” Tom Hoving)
– discovering a Great Canadian Heritage 1902 battlefield – McCormick – bugle
– discovering a 1917 Canadian Siberian Campaign – Pearson – bugle
– discovering an ultra-rare officer’s autographed notebook of Col. Benson
– discovering the finest “People, Places & Events” “Bobs” autograph book
– discovering the finest military field glasses in History
– discovering the finest “named” battlefield collection thanks to ebay
– exposing the malfeasant republishing of the discredited Globe allegations
– the Globe’s worst act of journalistic malfeasance, in history
– discovering the finest Morrisseau of all time on ebay
– discovering the world’s best war trophy flag
– EST SICUT FACTUM EST #3 – (FO “provenance” Tom Hoving)
– discovering three previously unknown Canadian heritage sites
– discovering bicorn & epaulettes of the Father of the Royal Canadian Navy
– EST SICUT FACTUM EST #4 – (FO “provenance” Tom Hoving)
– discovering art by Canada’s finest living artist – without provenance
– discovering unique souvenir china ware with ultra-rare provenance
– PROVENANCE PROVIDED – Finally at long last…
– discovering the worst mainstream media malfeasance in Ontario history
– exposing 100 top Victorian fake combat photos
– exposing Canada’s top two combat photos as fakes
– exposing the worst publishing disaster in Canadian history
– exposing a fake call by Canada’s top china & earthenware expert
– discovered the finest “People, Places & Events” china commemorative
– discovered the finest “People, Places & Events” desk in Canadian history
– exposing the high end fine art auction trade in fake bronzes
– exposing the fine art auction trade in fake “Krieghoffs”
-publishing the largest fake archival detector on the internet
-publishing the largest portrait gallery of Canadians on the internet
-proposing a scientific classification system for historic stone relics
– exposing the Seven Wonders of Canada “Monstrous Hilary Megaliths”
– exposing Ellie’s “Family Corncob on a String” – #2 Wonders of Canada
– proposing a retrofit of a jingoist, misogynist, National War Memorial
– in prep – My research proving Oswald did NOT shoot Kennedy alone
– in prep – How I made Paul Martin Prime Minister of Canada

 – 2017 April Fool Nominee – Donald Robinson, detailing his truly astonishing top 29 professional rejections as a self-described Morrisseau expert. – May 2017

Jonathan J Sommer contemplates a bleak future for his Morrisseau “fakes” lawsuit business, after having to turn his back on his nine year long Dream Team, as just too much damaged goods to present before the merciless scrutiny of a stern-eyed judge. Sommer is, of course, the only lawyer in Canada – out of 90,000 – ever to have launched a lawsuit claiming he has proof for a Morrisseau “fake.” And utterly failed to produce any evidence when judges (Martial, Sanderson), opposing lawyers (Shiller), and his own clients (McDermott) told him to “put up or shut up.” How do you think, he’ll fare in what is guaranteed to be his final attempt?

Hiroshima Bombshell: Oct 2, 2017
– I believe this was the key influential blog posting that convinced lawyer Jonathan Sommer to “kill” his nine year long Morrisseau “fakes” “expert,” Donald Robinson, who has been his Morrisseau “fakes expert” witness in court proceedings, and his Morrisseau “fakes” “expert” report writer, in helping him advance his Morrisseau “fakes” lawsuit business.

Which had consisted of only THREE attempts by the only lawyer in Canada to try it:

– the disastrously failed and discredited (at BOTH the Trial and the Appeal) Hatfield v Child lawsuit in 2013, with disastrous consequences for Hatfield’s reputation in Canadian art history AND her pocketbook. She lost some $60,000 of her paltry pension in a Small Claims Court action, encouraged by Ritchie Sinclair.

– the utterly discredited McDermott v McLeod case, totally abandoned by celebrity singer John McDermott himself, only days after filing it, and immediately after reading this Blog, in 2013

– the present still-born Hearn v McLeod lawsuit, totally engineered and steered Sommer’s way by his longtime Morrisseau “fakes” business partner, Ritchie Sinclair, who had previously delivered the hapless “Maggie” Hatfield into his lap. Hearn has complained that this lawsuit has cost him something around $100,000. Lawyer Brian Shiller estimates that that is low-balling, that it will end up costing Hearn some $200,000. And, need I add, not a dime of which, I predict, Hearn will EVER see again.

BUT don’t feel sorry for them. Their wrong-headed, misguided, and fraudulent lawsuits have done Great Irreparable Harm to the art and artists of Canada’s Indigenous people and have destroyed tens of millions of dollars that thousands of Canadians had invested in genuine Norval Morrisseaus art, only to watch the Sommer Dream Team destroy it all with their malicious media attacks. Now, thanks to them no fine art auction house wants Morrisseaus for sale anymore, at any price, and collectors can’t sell them for any money. (Before Madam Justice Mary Anne Sanderson, on Dec. 6, 2013 – I saw him; I heard him – lawyer Brian Shiller, repeatedly called the whole thing Sommer was representing, a “Scam… a scam… a scam…” and that Donald Robinson was part of it.)

With the damning evidence piled up by this Blog, it was inevitable that, for Sommer, the multi-level discredited Robinson had “to go,” as just too much damaged goods for any judge hearing the Hearn v McLeod trial to believe a word he says anymore.

And also to just heartlessly trash his largest ever, two volume “expert” report, calling “Spirit Energy of Mother Earth 1974” a fake. That makes it FIVE out of FIVE of Robinson’s “expert” Morrisseau “fakes” reports that judges, corporate lawyers, and forensic experts have, holus bolus, “rejected,” as themselves preposterous fakes.

Luckily the discredited and discarded Sommer Dream Team had a replacement “Robinson clone” available, his longtime NMHS “understudy,” art historian Carmen Robertson, from Wascana Creek, Saskatchewan. He had chosen her as a promising candidate to promote his son Paul’S KRG Morrisseau “fakes” agenda, when he appointed her to the NMHS in 2009. Now in October 2017, the Sommer Dream Team decided that she was ready to step up behind Robinson when he was forced to walk the plank. It was either, overboard for him, or be embarrassed to tears before the Canadian public and a judge in a court of law.

It was Robertson’s turn to be embarrassed. Alas, I was amazed to learn that she didn’t even know her lines. I watched her spend hours having to read her speech, line by line from her “expert” report. Not very becoming for a so-called “expert.” Definitely Donald Robinson would have carried out a far superior performance. And yes, I’ve seen him do it.

So it’s back to the KRG Morrisseau-training school for Robertson, to take a refresher course in how to act and speak like you know what you’re talking about, when discussing Norval Morrisseau and the authenticity of his art. 

– 2016 April Fool Nominee – Ritchie Sinclair – detailing his astonishing Fakedown of multiple Morrisseau BDPs, which he has slanged as fakes since c 2008, proving that he and his longtime Morrisseau “fakes” business partner, lawyer Jonathan Sommer, acknowledged at last, that they have been WRONG, DEAD WRONG, about what they have been saying for years, about these Morrisseau BDPs being fakes. – May 2016

Nagasaki Bombshell: Oct 2, 2017 – I believe this was one of the key influential blog postings I’ve put up, that convinced lawyer Jonathan Sommer to “kill” his nine year long Morrisseau “fakes” lawsuit witness, Ritchie Sinclair. That Sinclair had to “go,” as just too much damaged goods for any judge, hearing the Hearn v McLeod trial to believe a word he says anymore. Especially with Sinclair’s conviction as an Art Terrorist, Libeler, and Slanderer, by Judge CW Kilian in Aug. 2015.

Donald Robinson (left) whom Ritchie Sinclair calls, “My Mentor,” and for whose Kinsman Robinson Galleries he’s been working as the fraud enforcer since 2008, have both been hugely and totally discredited, without a single failing, by some 12 court decisions and lawsuit settlements. In the end, even the lawyer, Jonathan Sommer, whose Dream Team they have been, for nine long years, in advancing his own Morrisseau “fakes” business, had to dump them, as just too much damaged and discredited goods. He knew that if he dared to expose them in court, they would be eviscerated in cross-examination, and kill his Hearn v McLeod lawsuit. I Have News – Without them, as the entire set-up team and enablers for the lawsuit, Mr. Sommer has only useless, irrelevant, wannabe witnesses who have NO evidence, recollection, or direct experience, of any kind of ever having seen or encountered the subject painting “Spirit Energy,” or even a clone, ever before, in their entire lives. So they have NOTHING material to offer on the painting before the court, or Joe McLeod. Guess how it will all end?

Sommer also dumped him to avoid exposing Sinclair – who had engineered the take-down of Hearn’s “Spirit Energy” at the Art Gallery of Ontario, on June 22, 2010 – to inevitably and predictably damaging cross-examination.

Which would have clearly revealed, of course, that the AGO curators had NOTHING whatsoever to do with dismounting, discrediting, or devaluing “Spirit Energy.”

That it was ALL Sinclair’s own doing, including delivering the gullible Hearn and a lawsuit, into the lap of his business partner Jonathan Sommer. As he had done previously with Margaret Hatfield.

It’s all about History repeating on me…

Together the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombshells, exposed in a Toronto courtroom, on Oct. 2, 2017, signaled that Jonathan Sommer had lost ALL hope but that the two fraudsters who have backed him in court cases, and in his mainstream media manipulations, would only cause him to lose Hearn v McLeod if he continued to use them in court.

“Just a Random Dude on the Internet” – Some More Accomplishments:

uncovered, exposed, documented, and published, that Canadian Capt. James Cooper Mason DSO. was the very first combat photographer in world history – July 2009

Debunking the commonly held myth that it was NOT Robert Capa in 1936 in Spain, but a Canadian, Capt. James Cooper Mason, who took the world’s very first combat photo in the front lines of an active battlefield at Paardeberg, South Africa, on Bloody Sunday, Feb. 18, 1900. I discovered and acquired for the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum, his letters and diaries that prove it, and the camera he used and the photos he took there, and the sword, knife and whistle he carried on that day.

I believe that Mason’s sword – engraved with his name – is very likely the last sword that was ever carried on the front line of an active battlefield by a combat soldier. No other sword in the world can match its evidentiary proof – engraving, diary, letters, a photo – that back it up.

James won his DSO at Paardeberg, for valour, while waving his men forward with this sword, before he was shot and grievously wounded. Just after he took the world’s very first certified combat photo. It almost cost him his life.


And NO, I do NOT have a letter from the donating family detailing provenance and affirming the authenticity of the items. EST SICUT FACTUM EST. Neither of us thought it important. To curators around the world, any item must prove to be its own best proof, NOT some accompanying blathering BS, on paper, by a motivated “seller.”

My research and forensic analysis will become part of the permanent record. IN FACT, my research and forensic analysis of the materials established Mason’s importance in world history. Before that his newly established significance was totally unknown to BOTH Canadian historians and even his own family. 

KUDOS – One of the most truly fantastic developments in the history of curatorial acquisitions, in the modern world, has been the arrival on the scene of ebay. It’s comparable to the invention of the computer, and digital technology in recording sound and pictures. 

– discovered a Canadian Boer War combat soldier’s pipe which is simply the finest “Peoples, Places & Events” pipe in the world

In proof of authenticity, it rarely gets as good as this, in which ALL the elements required come together: the period inscription listing the name of the owner, his military affiliation, the place, the occasion, the President Kruger face, the wind cap. Combined with, the age burn, the corroborative soldier’s paper work, and his involvement in a hugely significant military campaign. I have never seen another pipe that can match it anywhere. Or any memorabilia or artwork that locks itself so firmly into authenticity.

Thanks to ebay, repatriated to a Canadian collection from Southampton, UK

– discovered and documented the bugle that Canadian teenager Edwin McCormick used to blow the Last Post over the Canadian dead after the Battle of Boschbult Farm – in South Africa on Mar. 31, 1902. It is one of two of the most famous bugles in Canadian history, that were actually blown on active battlefields during the Anglo-Boer War. (Both are in private collections.)

I identified the bugle through small, highly idiosyncratic scratchings on the bell, that could only have been made by McCormick in the field with localized names, but whose significance were missed by other curators and researchers. McCormick is one of the few who did two combat tours in South Africa. Somewhere along the line, ignorant or uncaring descendants just dumped the bugle on a small Toronto auction.

Thanks to ebay, repatriated to a Canadian collection from Portland Maine, USA

In 2000, I returned with the bugle to the grave site. I was doing the most intensive research project (personally financed) – eight weeks; driving 11,000 kms – ever undertaken by any Canadian researcher, in over 100 years, by following up and documenting the trail of the Canadian forces during the three years they campaigned in South Africa. (The four-hour television documentary that resulted won an astonishing four Gold Medals at the world’s largest international film and television festival.)

– discovered the fabulous World War I Siberian Campaign bugle of Canadian Bugler Norman A Pearson of the Canadian Field Artillery, which he took on campaign to northern Russia in 1917

This bugle came with Norm’s corroborating dog tags, and his original bugle cords, both ultra rare original additions never found with other bugles. AND IT CAME DIRECTLY FROM HIS FAMILY in Kentucky, US. They even sent me a photo of Norm, not part of the sale, to enhance the value of the bugle.

Thanks to ebay, repatriated to a Canadian collection from Asheville, NC, USA

Norm’s descendants were pleased my museum was the winning bidder on ebay where thousands of my very best memorabilia items have, over the years, been purchased from around the world.

– discovering British Boer War commander, Major GE Benson’s autographed campaign Notebook which he probably carried on the famous night march when he led General Wauchope’s Highland Brigade, by compass, to its doom at Magersfontein, South Africa, on Dec. 11, 1899

One of the worst British defeats of Black Week 1899, it cost General Wauchope his life. Subsequently Lord Kitchener considered Benson to be his best field commander against the Boers. K was disconsolate beyond words, and kept to his room for days, in grief when Benson himself was killed in Oct 1901.

The British Imperial War Museum does NOT have copy of this book – let alone an ultra-rare autographed copy by a famous British field commander. It has a section on how to do night marches with a compass… Again, a fabulous ebay acquisition – it came with NO PROVENANCE. What to do? Search the internet for a letter signed by Benson. and LO AND BEHOLD it’s ebay to the rescue AGAIN. After months of sleuthing, a letter by Benson showed up, dated only two weeks before he was killed, allowing me to match the signatures, and confirm that the book signature is authentic, and so the book.

An forensic authentication which could never have been done without ebay… And is far, far superior than some kind of provenance BS passed on by some motivated seller or con artist…

– discovering the most fabulous autograph book in existence, featuring signatures from top British generals, Victoria Cross winners, officers, and nurses from the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902

A truly ultra-fabulous ebay acquisition, it came from Hastings, UK. In the days before ebay brought in international interest, it would just have sold at some local Hastings flea market. ebay brought the world to Hastings, the book to my Anglo-Boer War Museum, and through the web has helped educate audiences about history, all over the globe, 24/7 for decades.

Why So Wonderful & Rare? Because ALL these signatures were made on the front lines of an active war, while the hostilities were in progress, AND ALL THE PEOPLE WERE INVOLVED IN WHAT MADE THEM FAMOUS.

NOT like the usual signatures, autographs, or letters, of top historical personages that one usually finds: written in retirement, back home, minding the estate, at galas and banquests, etc., long divorced from the events that made them famous.

– discovering the most famous binoculars in history, the fabulous deluxe field glasses used by Lord Roberts’ chief scout, Col. Frederick Russell Burnham, on the fabled British March to Pretoria, South Africa, (Feb.–June, 1900) in which Canadian contingents took part

An ebay acquisition from a London UK dealer. It shows how you need to sleuth out forensic proof – not just the say-so or baffle-gab of some motivated “seller” – to authenticate a historical memorabilia item or work of art. Burnham, the famed American Indian scout, was of course, the man who taught Lord Baden-Powell – the father of the world-wide scouting movement – everything there was to know about scouting. Their names are memorialized on adjoining mountain peaks in California. 

– discovering the best Canadian battlefield memorabilia collection – all entirely “named” and without “provenance” – commemorating the Battle of Hart’s River (Boschbult Farm) on Mar 31, 1902, where eight Canadians were killed, their second worst day of casualties of the entire Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902)

– A truly fabulous, NO PROVENANCE battlefield collection – all were there AND ALL ITEMS ARE NAMED – that I have assembled – thanks to ebay – and authenticated, from various American and Canadian memorabilia dealers. ALL are ebay acquisitions with NO FAKES, THANK YOU, EVEN THOUGH NO provenance was provided for any of them. With the exception of the bystoneder which I collected from the battlefield, and the battlefield shell casings, which were given to me on the family farm where the battle was fought, and where family members had collected them over the years. The forensic proof on bags, letters, photos, and bugle, are hugely authenticating. As are the corroborative regimental stampings on belts, straps and bayonet. ALL far better proof of authenticity than some “provenance” BS from some ignorant or motivated “bridge seller.”

Backdoor-Provenance – Half of the items are named to CMR Trooper Otto Moody. His somewhat upset descendants from Colorado and California, contacted me to ask me how I got all his stuff, that was supposed to belong to their family? In fact, I fought for it – along with some twenty of Otto’s letters – piecemeal, on ebay auctions, from a dealer in Montana, who found it in a trunk in a farm shed. With the passing decades, families commonly lose track of stuff, resulting in a non-existent chain of title. It’s left to passionate and diligent curators like me, who work to locate, authenticate, recover, preserve and keep historical mementos of “People, Places, and Events” together. AND EBAY HAS BEEN A GODSEND TO ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN, to help bring back together precious items that families, and time, have scattered to the winds…

CMR Trooper Hubert Duchène‘s descendants – top two photos – have also contacted me, and are among the many families from the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada who have called – half are upset – to confirm memorabilia items I have collected and publicized via my Museum, as once having belonged to their families. BUT the chain of title AKA “provenance,” disappeared generations ago. They don’t even know which family member may have sold off the stuff or when… Some want it back… These ebay-related experiences are common, among thousands of superb acquisitions I have made on ebay.

Finally, I have, to the best of my recollection, NEVER been sold a fake on ebay. (Maybe I’m a smarter consumer than others?) The condition may have been less than I wanted – sometimes better – but the items – thousands of them – have always been the real deal – genuine. And, in fact, once when I was really pissed off about the condition, I contacted ebay to complain… ebay gave me ALL the money back without a peep, including shipping!!!

And the reason is obvious. I mean with ebay policing standards of this magnitude, do you really want to make an ass of yourself, as a bunco artist selling “fakes,” when the whole world is watching you, and ebay KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE!!! when a customer complains…? And can shut down your business instantly…

So ebay, has been great to back up customers, BUT I can name two top Toronto fine art auction houses who have sold me fake art, when they damn well knew they were doing it, and knew they were also involved in running bidding scams to fleece their customers.

Randy Potter – on the counter – auctioned off multi-thousands of Canadian original fine art works – including 2,000 Morrisseau BDPs, some hanging on the wall. Only one – and it was NOT a Morrisseau – was ever returned, demanding a refund. Guess who the disgruntled customer was, who wanted his $200 back – a year and a half after the sale??? AND  UNBELIEVABLY, RANDY REFUNDED HIM THE MONEY… PS. This is the exact scene that Ritchie Sinclair, Joe McLeod, James White, and Joe Otavnik beheld in front of them, on Feb. 14, 2004, the day that Joe McLeod bought “Spirit Energy of Mother Earth 1974.” It was only one of 14 occasions when McLeod thought a painting special enough to purchase it with his own money. (Art dealers like him sell mostly by consignment.)

My favourite memory of the Straight Arrow in a typical pose.

There is only one other retailer who is even better than a match for ebay’s level of customer satisfaction, Randy Potter of Potter Auctions, who sold some 2,000 Morrisseau BDPs to some 200 Morrisseau collectors and dealers over the years, and NEVER ONCE had a single one returned as a fake, and demanding a refund, NOT even by Donald Robinson who bought 31 Morrisseau BDPs for $54,000. And he did it personally at that, not even sending a KRG gallery flunky to do the buying. To make absolutely sure HE – the self-styled world’s top Morrisseau expert, got the real deal…

Wait, there’s more…

One time, a disgruntled customer did come back, 15 months – that’s fifteen months folks – AFTER having bought a $200 painting at Randy’s auction – demanding his money back…

Randy Potter – the “Straight Arrow” – whose open-faced honesty is so evident in this photo, is also mirrored by the fact that of some 2,000 Morrisseaus he auctioned off, to some 200 fine art collectors and dealers, from c 1999-2008, NOT A SINGLE ONE WAS EVER RETURNED FOR A REFUND, EVER. AND THAT INCLUDES BY DON ROBINSON. This must be a world record for honesty and customer satisfaction that would be the envy of any retailer of anything, anywhere. I’ve also been a customer of many of his superb non-Morrisseau antiques. Of the hundreds of fine art and antique auctioneers and gallery operators, I have dealt with in the past 20 years, I rate him for honesty, and transparency, at the top of the heap. Which, by the way, is EXACTLY why David Voss deliberately chose Randy, and NOT the Robinsons of Toronto’s KRG, to retail his Morrisseau collection through.

I know my unprintable words – and yours – which he would have been met with, had he tried to pull that on you, me, or ANY other retailer anywhere on the planet. Including on ebay.


Randy said NOTHING, just immediately wrote out a cheque for $256 to satisfy even this customer’s outrageous demand.

The customer’s name was Donald Robinson, and the painting he had returned was NOT a Potter Morrisseau BDP…

Now you know what kind of man Randy Potter is…

A month after he got the refund Robinson returned the favour by going to the National Post and saying ALL Potter’s Morrisseau BDPs were fakes. Hundreds, thousands of them…

Now you know what kind of man Donald Robinson is… 

The man who couldn’t bear to lose $200 on a painting he thought was “fake,” but had no trouble taking a bath on $54,000 for 31 Morrisseau BDPs he told the mainstream media were all lowlife fakes…

I am probably the only person in the world to have purchased TWO copies of Robertson’s “Mythologizing…” After reading the first one, I was amazed that so many false claims had ended up in print, and so many utterly key “People, Places, and Events” documents and events were inexplicably missing. So believing I had accidentally ended up with a preliminary mock-up galley copy of the book by mistake, I bought a second. Amazingly… they were identical… I discovered who was doing the “Mythologizing.” In fact just like her expert report claiming “Spirit Energy” was a fake, her final copy too was a badly researched, roughly assembled, and deceptively argued mock-up of something she was desperate to hide from the eyes of her colleagues and the public…

– Ebay & Morrisseau In fact one of the most fraudulently diabolical sneers that the Morrisseau fraudsters conspire to make, as a sure sign of a fake, is their attempt to denigrate Morrisseau art that appears on ebay, a claim first fraudulently and infamously made by Gabe Vadas and Toronto lawyer Aaron Milrad in 2007 to the Globe’s Val Ross. By mindlessly regurgitating their self-serving claims, and trusting their self-proclaimed, so-called Morrisseau and ebay “expertise,” cost the Globe $25,000 for Libeling Michael Moniz, and his “ebay Morrisseau art,” which a forensic expert ruled was authentically signed by Morrisseau. And the Globe’s own lawyer, Peter Jacobsen, roundly dismissed the fraudulent claims by Vadas, Milrad, and Robinson and told the Globe to pay up…

And Carmen Robertson, by repeating, in “Mythologizing Norval Morrisseau,” this documented and fraudulent Vadas, Milrad, and Robinson canard, as if what they were saying was true, shows a level of academic malfeasance that is beneath contempt, and – ALONE – exposes her as a totally negligent researcher, and an untrustworthy and  dishonest reporter as regards Norval Morrisseau and his art. The documented TRUTH, which she deliberately ignores – it appears as a favour to three of her colleagues – has been published for many years and available 24/7 on the internet.  (Mythologizing, p 131)

– ebay Confessions – I have sold historical art to collectors and curators of museums in the UK, the US, and Canada, always without “provenance” ever asked for, or provided by me. I have never sold, or traded, any Morrisseaus to anyone.

But the finest Morrisseau I have ever seen, “Tears of My Grandmother, 1976,” I saw on ebay, and bought it.

No other Morrisseau I have ever seen compares to it. NOTE: Norval painted this giant painting, possibly only months after Hearn’s “Spirit Energy of Mother Earth 1974,” a painting Carmen Robertson says is a fake front and back, because she says Norval never painted or signed BDP acrylic on canvas art like that in that period…

“Tears of My Grandmother 1976” – I believe this huge canvas is the finest Morrisseau painting I have ever seen – anywhere. It soars far above, even his best representational art, by tackling better than any other artist has ever done, the cultural genocide carried out by a colonial white society against a helpless minority population. It is this unique form of artistic expression, which never existed anywhere in the world before, that Norval invented and contributed to the art of mankind. And need I add, there, sitting totally ignored, are a couple of Professor Carmen Robertson’s damnable “Wascana Floaters.” I bought it – you won’t believe this – from a man Kinsman Robinson Galleries and its enforcer Ritchie Sinclair, long said DID NOT EXIST, and was a fictional invention of Randy Potter. And so a man Professor Robertson also did NOT bother to seek out, or interview, before writing her “expert”report. That man is David Voss, who is an utterly key witness regarding the source of the Hearn painting – both HE and McLeod said it came from HIM – as did the flood of other genuine Morrisseaus that arrived in the Toronto area from 1999-2009. For some reason I had no trouble at all in finding and talking to Voss… What did he have to say that Robertson did NOT want to hear, before writing her report claiming Hearn’s “Spirit Energy” was a “fake?”

– discovered the last flag flown by the Transvaal Republic’s President Paul Kruger, at his last headquarters at Machadodorp, South Africa, before he was forced to flee the republic, for asylum in Europe, by British and Canadian troops, during the Anglo-Boer War, in Sep. 1900.

It is one of the finest and most important war trophy flags in the world. It was liberated by Canadian Col. Agar Adamson, who was one of the first into the town after President Kruger evacuated it. (After reading about the event, I wondered if the flag still existed. Research chased it down to Agar’s descendants; Agar’s grandson kindly donated it to the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum. He did NOT like what Canadians had done in that war, but recognized it was a significant piece of history.)


And NO, I do NOT have a letter from the donating family detailing provenance and affirming the authenticity of the items. EST SICUT FACTUM EST. Neither of us thought it important. To curators around the world, any item must prove to be its own best proof, NOT some accompanying blathering BS, on paper, by a motivated “seller.”

– discovered, in 2000, three Canadian Anglo-Boer War heritage locations (hospital, guard room, and rock inscriptions) at Belmont, South Africa, all previously unpublished and unknown to Canadian government researchers and military historians.

I decided to pick up the slack because NO Canadian government ministry was interested – at ALL – in spending money to document or publicize a piece of white colonial history with a new post-apartheid Black government. Even though it was the first ever military expedition Canada sent to fight in an overseas war, some 6,000 volunteers had gone, and some 300 lie, abandoned, in South African graves.

I expressed my proactive outrage, that the 100th anniversary of this key event in Canadian history had come and gone and the government had done NOTHING to commemorate a past generation of Canadian military volunteers, and their sacrifice for a nationally set agenda (however misguided, and destructive of foreign people I believe it had all been.)

– my massive proposal – called “The Belmont Project: A Century of Neglect” – laying out my landmark South African research on the Boer War, 1899-1902, submitted to the Government of Canada, in 2004, led the Hon Stéphane Dion – then Heritage Minister – to send me a personal letter, declaring he had designated “Canada and the South African War an Event of National Historic Significance.” -Sep 2005

– my massive proposal and lobby efforts, with various federal Canadian government ministries – Heritage, Parks, Historic Sites & Monuments Board, etc. – resulted in the dates for the Boer War finally being added to the National War Memorial in 2014, when the dates for the Afghan War were added.

– discovered the dress uniform bicorn hat and epaulettes that belonged the “Founding Father of the Royal Canadian Navy,” Capt. Charles Joseph Stuart OBE, RD, RCNR.

He was captain of HMCS Canada (1908-1919), often considered the first ship of the Royal Canadian Navy. He trained the RCN’s earliest officers. (Note: his past historical significance was NOT known by the auction house specialists. To them he was just some navy dude. My research uncovered his status in Canadian naval history.)

NOTE: I discovered these at a top fine art auction house, then researched them BEFORE acquiring them. The auction allowed – verbally – that they were consigned by family descendants, but would NOT disclose who they were, or where they lived. Or provide a letter to that effect.

In my curatorial experience families are the most destructive – not at all the best source – of “provenance” for a wide variety of reasons: besides often being “motivated sellers,” so they let their imagination run wild, frequently passing on ludicrous family “myths;” or by “non-disclosure,” in order to cover up larceny, shame, greed, sibling rivalry, estate theft, ripping off Dementia-disabled elders, avoiding child support or alimony payments – make your own damn list… Now do you know why families DO NOT want auction houses to disclose “provenance”?

Numerous families from the UK, the US and Canada have contacted my museum, expressing total astonishment and upset that I have possession of precious family heirlooms and highly-prized memorabilia that belonged to them, and went missing, and ended up with me… Hey, it’s another kind of  back-door “provenance” that helps me confirm the authenticity of the items I have collected and that what I say about them is true. (All items were purchased legitimately through, either, high-end fine art auctions in the UK, the US, Canada, or through ebay.)

– discovering at auction, “Near the Mouth of the Michipicotin River, Algoma, 1994” by James Edward Hergel, whom I consider to be Canada’s greatest living artist

NO PROVENANCE THANK YOU!A telling example of how, even with living artists, and artists living in one’s own city, you CANNOT get “provenance” to prove the artwork is authentic, or traceable back to the  artist from an auction house. This was purchased from a highly reputable Walker’s Auction in Ottawa, ON, but NO provenance was provided or made available, about from whom it came by descent from James’ brush.

Back-door Provenance – James, the artist, came across my website promoting his art and so by calling, he acknowledged “provenance” in a roundabout way, telling me he was glad I liked his work, and grateful and humbled that I was promoting it the way I do.

It shows how only a total ignoramus or devious fraudster would possibly claim that inviolate and error free, chain of title “provenance,” back to the artist, is the only proof of authenticity for any work of art. And it is beneath contempt for anyone (like the Robinsons and their NMHS cronies) to claim that this is especially true for Morrisseau, an artist who was a street hawker for decades, selling multiple thousands of paintings, cheap, and for cash, with no receipts wanted, by either seller or buyer, lest it alert Revenue Canada agents snooping out Canada’s 46 billion dollar Underground Economy.

– discovered the only piece of Canadian china souvenir ware from the early 20th century that has a provenance listing attached, OUT OF TENS OF THOUSANDS I HAVE SEEN.

There are some 500 early Canadian souvenir china ware items, like that illustrated in the Museum collection, in addition to some 1,000 more glass and china plates, bowls, jugs, etc.

Of them ALL this is the ONLY one which came with a piece of paper carefully documenting when it was bought, by whom, for whom, and by descent to the consigning owner. IN THIS IT HAS STUNNINGLY UNIQUE STATUS IN MY MEMORABILIA AND ART WORK COLLECTION. 

Scared Shitless at Ipperwash My 73 days’ research “behind the barricades” of Camp Ipperwash publicly exposed the infamous & murderous attack on Indigenous families at Ipperwash, ON – by racist government officials, police forces, backed up by the mainstream media – in 1995.

Sister of OPP murdered Dudley George (1995), the only person killed by Canadian authorities in an Aboriginal Land Claims Claims dispute in the 20th century.

Exposing it all in a feature documentary that won the PLATINUM super-prize for “Investigative Journalism” at the world’s largest film and television festival in Houston, TX. It exposed the worst racist malfeasance by the establishment (government, police, media) against Indigenous people in Ontario history.

My research convinced Ontario’s SIU (Special Investigations Unit), on Dec. 8, 1995, at 11 a:m, to abort the ending of its 3 month-long investigation, that found NO police officer guilty of any malfeasance in the killing of Dudley George. The SIU agreed to restart its investigation if I would act as liaison to get its investigators behind the barricades, from which ALL police forces and outsiders – both native and non-native – were barred. I arranged access, and accompanied the SIU as its investigators entered Camp Ipperwash and filmed its activities inside.

Susan Vella – “Boy are these ever high quality.”

The Ipperwash Inquiry (2004-2007) – in the only hearings it held in a private house – sat for two days in mine, in 2004, reviewing my on-site documentary footage, filmed interviews, and personal recollections from 1995. Its lawyers knew everything they would ever learn, in great detail,  just by listening to my historic interview video tapes*** of ALL the people who were on the shooting site, which I had recorded a decade before. The inquiry knew it all, from the horse’s mouth – Susan Vella wrote notes, non-stop, for two days of viewing – BEFORE it even began its hearings and taking depositions from people trying to recall events from 10 years before. In one major case a totally key and insightful participant had died in the interim. My tapes had preserved his eloquent testimony for the Ages. (***”Boy are these ever high quality” – Inquiry lawyer Susan Vella)

Exposed As Fakes, 100 Top Victorian “Combat Photos”

Exposed as Fakes – Canada’s two most famous “combat photos.”

Exposed Canada’s Worst Ever Publishing Disaster – The Canadian War Museum’s 42 worst egregious pictorial errors in its illustrated history of the Boer War.

– Exposed the totally false call by the late Elizabeth Collard  
– considered to be Canada’s top expert in early Canadian china and earthenware – when she emphatically wrote that the pictorial that was printed on the “J Heath Ontario Lake Scenery” dinner service of 1845-1853, was entirely fanciful, and NOT in any way possible a Canadian scene.

“No stretch of the imagination could credit (this) view to Canada.” Collard

DISCLOSURE: This ivory tower isolation from the real world is, in my experience, a common failing among academics writing about real “People, Places and Events.”

Art & Morrisseau research duds, in Wascana Creek, SK 

The top Canadian expert who wrote “the book” on the South African War, had not been in South Africa before he wrote all about it!!! (I spent eight weeks and drove 11,000 kms there, doing research on the ground, before I went into print!!!)

Canada’s top academic on the Rebellions of 1837 told me he had NEVER been to any Rebellion sites, where events on which he wrote “the bible,” had occurred!!! (When I had been to research 48 of them in Ontario and Quebec.)

I had attended close to 2,000 auctions, of which Carmen Robertson, judging from her writing and claims, had a completely total lack of any knowledge about, before she wildly chose to rush into print with her farcical claims about the Canadian fine art market, and embarrassed herself, for the Ages, as a self-described art and Morrisseau expert.

– discovered the fabulous “The Great Eastern Steamship” Sunderland lustre plaque

I consider this one of the truly Great Canadian Antique “People, Places and Events” china pieces in existence. It commemorates the building of the world’s biggest ship in 1858, and its successful laying of the Atlantic Cable from Ireland to Newfoundland, in 1865-66. The fabulous lustre plaque dates to c 1863, and is still in mint condition.

(Compare that if you will, to countless hundreds of Morrisseaus BDPs I’ve seen, which have been universally more poorly treated, scuffed up and abraded, even though they are only forty or fifty years old.)

Sorry, NO PROVENANCE – as usual – with this piece, BUT, if it was good enough for Liz Collard, it’s good enough for me. I bought it from her personal estate collection of fabulous Canadian china and earthenware, when it was sold off after her death.

– discovered, what is, bar none, simply the finest “People, Places and Events” desk in Canadian history
AKA  the “Caron, Fitzpatrick, Kernan, Sevigny, Russell, Goldi Desk”


My museum does NOT have any other collectible whose confirmed family provenance AKA chain of title is so inviolate and goes back that far. Or is associated with so many eminent Canadians.

Exposed as Fakes the huge trade in bogus reproduction bronze statues, busts and figures, that the leading Canadian fine art auction houses were knowingly and fraudulently passing off – for big bucks – as genuine originals from the hands or studios of the artist, when they were all lowlife repros, worth little or less, made in China or…

Within a few weeks of my highly educational posting, exposing this nefarious trade that had been huge at every successive high-end sale, by the most celebrated names in Canadian fine art auctions, (Heffel, Joyner’s, Waddington’s, Ritchies), totally collapsed. And signs started to be posted targeting me – “NO MORE CAMERAS OR RECORDING DEVICES IN THE AUCTION HALL.”

Exposed the Fake “Krieghoffs” that were being sold by the leading Canadian fine art auction houses.

It showed the sleight of hand and fabricated manipulations that fine art auction houses were using to try to con buyers into thinking they were getting a lot more than they were paying for, by “salting” the mine, with BOTH catalogue and painting labels and labeling alleging associations with the artist that were NOT at all relevant or called for.

Published the Largest Fake Archival Detector on the Internet

Published the Largest Portrait Gallery of Canadians on the Internet

Proposed a Scientific Classification System for Historic Stone Relics

– exposed the “Seven Wonders of Canada,” featuring the biggest monoliths in modern world history, ever erected to celebrate and memorialize in perpetuity, an exalted being of the rich and super-rich classes

Ellie’s Corncob still hard at work…

The Monstrous Hilary Megaliths – The editors of the Guinness Book of World Records, clearly quite overcome by their truly heroic scale call them:

“Without a serious challenger, in this world or the next – or in the annals of recorded or unrecorded history – the most ingeniously concentrated, and audacious self-promotional display of the names of the rich and powerful, ever assembled in a public space, on this planet or any other, and inscribed for eternity, on the largest, heaviest, and most monumental massif of heroic, carved stone, ever recorded anywhere, in the Occident, the Orient, or the Abhorrient, as ever mounted, erected, or installed on any Public or Private Edifice, Temple Obelisk, Memorial Monument, Commemorative Stele, or Triumphal Arch, in the Ancient, Medieval, Modern, or Under World. The Honorific displaces, with aplomb, the previous record holder of this distinction, Mr. Saddam Hussein, late, the President of Iraq.”

Alas! The Hilary Megaliths, only managed to get the #3 spot on the “Seven Wonders of Canada,” edged out from the #2 spot, by the famous “Family Corncob on a String,” invented, when she was a teen, by an unassuming 93 year old Ellie Siegmeister from Ragged Butte, Manitoba.

Alass! No Provenance Disclosure – When we asked Ellie, in the interests of research and proving authenticity, if she had a provenance listing, a chain of title, of who had handed on the family corncob to whom, since she invented it, Ellie demurred, “Cain’t niver tell dat. S’bin jes too many, ye know, bin usin’ it. But if’n yer worried ’bout ‘nticity ‘n dat, oh it’s real alright. It’s bin nailed to the wall of the privvy, since 1932.”

Proposed a Make-over of Canada’s Embarrassingly Gloating “National War Memorial” – to alter it from a jingoistic, gloating, misogynist relic of bygone days, to become a “Hearts and Minds” memorial to a past generation of Canadian volunteer veterans, suitable for modern times and peoples.

ONE POSSIBLE RETROFIT at right. Or remove the jingoistic, gloating Victory Arch entirely, to reveal totally, from all sides, what I consider the finest collection of bronzes on any memorial anywhere in the world. Now mostly hidden.

The “Canadian Veterans Memorial” (another name retrofit I propose) would then conform – in fact surpass, in power – the American Marine Corps’ fabulous Iwo Jima memorial in Washington, DC, whose bronze tableau is NOT obliterated by a gloating, jingoistic, Triumphal Victory Arch.

Alas, Canadians are slow to realize WAR is nothing to gloat about and there are NEVER ANY VICTORS in War. And that most who lose and become victims – in unprecedented numbers, in the 20th century alone – are scores of millions of women, teens, children, babies, and old folks. ALL KILLED AT THE HANDS OF MILITARY MEN.

Canada’s Eternal Shame – Americans lead the way – AGAIN – in doing wholesale retrofitting, or removal, of many of their racist or publicly offensive monuments, while the laggardly Canadians refuse to keep up with the times – SO FAR – to retrofit what is the most jingoistic, misogynistic, and war-mongering National War Memorial put up by any of the Allies, post-World War I. Neither the British, and not even the Americans, have one this bad, or offensive, to modern and civilized sensibilities.

Proposed a modern make-over of the name of the Canadian War Museum to the “Canadian Veterans Museum,” for all the same reasons.

– Investigative Report on the Kennedy Assassination, proving that, without a shadow of a doubt, there was more than one shooter (Oswald) involved in the shooting of President Kennedy on Nov. 23, 1963.

For four days following the shooting, on Nov. 23, 1963, I skipped all my classes at U of T, and stayed glued to the TV 24/7, in my student residence basement. And mulled it over ever since.

In 2010 I reviewed all the evidence, especially the test shooting simulations done by the FBI, Secret Service, ABC, CBS, Jesse Ventura, etc., and concluded a huge fraud was being perpetrated on the American people and History. And, using my expertise as a historian, hunter, bird-watcher, nature photographer, cinematographer, video editor, and film and TV director, assembled my evidence to prove, utterly, and totally, that Oswald could POSITIVELY NEVER have fired all the shots. That ALL the recreations – which supposedly ALL proved Oswald could have done it – were utterly ludicrous and faulty, and in fact prove the opposite, that he COULD NOT have done it by himself as the only shooter. (And NO I have never read a single Kennedy Assassination conspiracy book.)

My conclusions were hugely confirmed, in 2013, when an Australian journalist came to the same, multi-shooter conclusion, but offered conclusive proof, to validate my own entirely circumstantial case.

– Investigative Report on how I made Paul Martin Jr., Prime Minister of Canada in Dec. 2003, by sitting on my proof of a huge Liberal government scandal that would have ended his political career

While the Liberal Party was reeling on the knife-edge of extinction, from gigantic government graft scandals, Paul Martin, the Liberal Leader, ran for Prime Minister.

As the election approached I became aware of another, unpublished and huge Liberal government scandal involving graft and crookedness in handing a competitive tender to a favourite insider, a tender in which I was a competitor.

In fact, I already alerted the Government Services Department, and complained that a fix was in, and identified the winning bidder, BEFORE THE COMPETING TENDERS WERE EVEN RECEIVED IN OTTAWA. And long before the winner – my pick – was announced.

I researched another Liberal scandal, and interviewed all other 41 participants, across Canada, who had spent thousands of dollars preparing their tenders they had no chance of winning, being victimized in favour of a departmental favourite. The growing outrage was nation-wide as even a close friend of a Liberal minister angrily told me to blow this up in the media. That it would absolutely kill the “crooked” Liberals, then teetering on the knife-edge of extinction in the polls. Others assured me I had the proof for killing the Liberal party’s chances to minus zero. The Toronto Star called; I refused to talk, or go public.

I deliberately chose to sit on my proof…

Because I believed I had a unique chance to discharge a Goldi family obligation to Paul Martin Jr. and Sr., and I felt this was my time to pay them back on behalf of my father, and my family.

Thanks, entirely, to my keeping mum, the scandal never hit the media, and still has never been published, and Paul Martin eked out the narrowest of margins in votes, allowing him to become Prime Minister of Canada.  (HERE’S WHY I DID IT.)