The Hon. Justice Murray Alexander Mogan

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Précis: The eminent the Hon. Justice Murray Alexander Mogan, of the Tax Court of Canada, smelled a huge rat in the Canadian fine art industry, regarding the honest valuation of Morrisseau paintings that were being submitted to the Government of Canada for tax exemption purposes.

In his Whent v Regina judgment of July 12, 1996, he repeatedly, scorchingly centered out Donald Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries, as the worst offender, of a group he seemed to have little respect for as to their business practices.

Saying he would pay very little attention to Robinson’s valuations, detailing his numerous reasons illustrating Robinson’s obvious untrustworthiness, and scorchingly citing his “hopeless conflict of interest” as a Morrisseau retailer, in giving honest opinions about the valuation of Morrisseau art.

He ruthlessly cut Robinson’s grossly inflated Morrisseau valuations in half… intimating in clear language that Robinson was a man who would need to be carefully watched in any dealings regarding the valuation of Morrisseau art.