Judge LA McLennan

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– In “Exposing the Morrisseau HOAX”

– Rates Extremely High

In “Bringing the Administration of Justice into Disrepute”

– KUDOS – Judge LA McLennan’s early warning and ruling about creeps and crooks among those surrounding Norval, and the Aboriginal artist’s clear and easy susceptibility to being manipulated by diabolical and selfish conspirators intending to get their hands on his art, exemplifies the high standards of what the administration of justice and the Canadian Judicial System – in the public mind – is supposed to be all about.

Judge McLennan is the first of a commendable succession of Deputy Judges, Judges, and Justices who have ruled on “Morrisseau HOAX issues,” and conscientiously carried out their judicial duties in a way that reflects honourably on their profession, serves to give Canadians confidence in the judicial system, and does not “bring the administration of Justice into disrepute.”

Lamentably, among some twenty-five (25+) judges, most of whom I have heard in person (and/or otherwise also read their judgments or transcripts), there have been failures to meet their high standards. At considerable cost, to people’s trust in the justice system, and the sanctity of Canada’s art heritage.

We shall certainly be covering these professional failings in great detail, later on.

Précis – On Mar. 11, 1974, in a Kenora Criminal Court, in a case stemming out of a government agent exploiting money out of Norval’s art, taking advantage of his hopelessly helpless personality, Judge LA McLennan sounded a dire warning to future generations about Norval’s easy vulnerability to possible personal exploitation by ruthless operatives preying on his obvious gullibility. And because Norval was clearly a huge talent in art that would surely attract future opportunists slavering with greed…

16 years later, just as Judge McLennan had so wisely predicted, it all came to pass, resulting in the worst act of cultural genocide in Canadian history.