HOAX Issues

See: The Devastating Telltale Videos

Challenging as Utterly Absurd: the claim that Norval was a fully functioning human being, mentally and physically, till 2001, let alone in the years after.

EXPOSED: how Norval Morrisseau, a Stroke, Dementia, Alcohol Dementia, and Parkinson’s-plagued Aboriginal wheelchair invalid, was increasingly used and abused, after 1990, by “greedy white men” using crafty lawyers, gullible Proxies, & the witless media, to promote the Hoax of “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers”

– Norval’s “greedy white man” complex

– Norval’s explosive and highly revealing “Confessional Diary” paintings

– the grossest case of elder abuse in Canadian history

– the worst case of “art terrorism” in Canadian history

– the biggest art “heist” in Canadian history

– the “stroke” that brutally clarified the HOAX for me

– why Norval had the most destroyed mind and body of any leading Canadian personality in history

– why Norval was “physically and mentally” much more deteriorated, and far earlier, than his white “handlers” have ever admitted

– why Norval was “artistically” incapacitated much longer and earlier than his white “handlers” have claimed or revealed

– why Norval’s “wheelchair invalid period of painting” lasted much longer than his white “handlers” previously claimed

– why art historians and scholars must start to research and refer to Norval’s post-1989 period of painting as the “Burrowsseau” period

– why Norval could never have been involved, in any way, in drafting his notorious Affidavits of Forgery (2003-2005) that targeted only the business competitors of Toronto’s Kinsman Robinson Galleries, and no one else

– why Norval could never have been involved, at all, in 2005, in setting up the Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society (NMHS), AKA the “branch plant operation” of Toronto’s Kinsman Robinson Galleries

– why no crusading Judge, no investigative cop, no canny forensic scientist – in fact no other independent investigator of any kind – has ever found or produced proof for a single Morrisseau BDP forger or forgery

– why Norval had to “disappear” as the “Hidden Indian” and the “Dumb Indian” and die before the HOAX could begin

– why Norval had to die, and be buried for a year, before Ritchie Sinclair dared to publish his malicious web site

– why the RCMP waited till Norval was dead before beginning its three-year investigation into “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers,” and then ended up charging not a single forger or forgery

– why the Conspiracy Theorists waited till Norval was dead before daring to show up in any court with their allegations that it was a mentally alert and healthy Morrisseau, who was the sole source for their claim of “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers”

– why the Conspiracy Theorists have never taken a single forger, forgery, art dealer, art gallery owner, or auctioneer, to court in 23 years, but have worked the HOAX entirely through gullible CT Proxies like Val Ross, Doctors Browne & Witmer, and Hatfield, Hearn, & McDermott, who pay, and pay, and pay… chasing after “fool’s gold”

– why the Hatfield case ended in absolutely total personal & financial grief for the Plaintiff in March 2013

– why Paul Robinson, Donald Robinson, and their lawyer, shamelessly cut and ran in utter panic, from their libel lawsuit v Ugo Matulic in April 2013

– why the Hearn & the McDermott cases will, both, end in total grief for the Plaintiffs, just as our blog had also correctly predicted in Hatfield v Child, months before Judge Martial published his findings

– how and why lawyers have helped promote the HOAX, so making hundreds of thousands of dollars from the scandal

– why lazy, gullible, mainstream media “journalists” have become witless “Honorary Conspiracy Theorists” in helping to promote the biggest HOAX in Canadian history

– why James Adams & the Globe, are pursuing their vengeful media vendetta, in the face of overwhelming evidence that what they publish is unsubstantiated drivel of the worst kind – just another reminder of why, in poll after poll, Canadians overwhelmingly confess they loathe mainstream media journalists even more than lawyers

– the deadly toll that the HOAX has claimed so far: Michael Moniz, Val Ross, and yes, Norval Morrisseau… the first CT Proxy ever victimized by the Conspiracy Theorists