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Presenting the “Wonker” Line-up – Fishing for Wascana Floaters

Two decorative floaters, “unconnected,” called “free floating divided circles” by Robertson, in Kevin Hearn’s “Spirit Energy of Mother Earth 1974.” These “free floating divided circles,” alone, says Robertson, proves this is a fake. AND, OF COURSE, ANY OTHER MORRISSEAU THAT HAS THESE “WASCANA FLOATERS.”

Wascana Floater – A Fool-proof fake detector invented by University of Regina Visual Arts Professor Carmen Robertson to help differentiate a genuine from a fake Morrisseau, all based on a foundational painting symbol, the “divided circle” preferred by Norval Morrisseau.

Robertson calls it an unattached “divided circle,” not connected with any lines to nearby picture elements.

To more easily recognize them and their characteristics I call them “Wascana Floaters,” in honour of the home creek where the Professor invented this “Visual Arts” tool, and a floater because it floats freely in a painting, like a life-ring on the water.

Wascana Floater Type I – Robertson differentiates simple – in design and colour – divided circles from embellished “decorative” divided circles.

Wascana Floater Deco Type – Decorative floaters – her examples are those in “Spirit Energy” above, are doubly damned as fakes.

Below her illustrative chart from Robertson’s secret report, calling “Spirit Energy of Mother Earth 1974” a fake.

The inventor of the “Wascana Floater Test” for identifying genuine from fake Morrisseaus.

Academic Dissent – I consider this a totally ridiculous misapplication of a painting symbol Morrisseau used from the 1950s on, in BOTH FORMS – the divided circle, in attached AND unattached (Wascana Floater) configurations.

Destroys People’s Art Assets – Kevin Hearn, is suing because Professor Robertson’s Wascana Floater Test assures him his painting “Spirit Energy of Mother Earth 1974” is a fake. He has spent around $100,000 in legal fees etc., as a result, trying to make things right. Money he will NEVER see again. He has slanged his own painting in the media for six years as a fake.

Cultural Genocide – I consider this an academic malfeasance of the highest order, by a credentialed academic, carelessly and improperly, inventing a fraudulent tool, making it available – all dressed up in a Ph.D,. to art fraudsters to claim thousands of Norval’s paintings are fakes, because “the professor says so.” It’s unforgivable. It has done Great Irreparable Harm to the Art and Artists of Canada’s Indigenous people. We’re talking, in the tens of millions of dollars to Norval Morrisseau art alone.

Academic Corroboration – In fact, many of Professor Robertson’s own colleagues (McLuhan & Tom Hill, Greg Hill & Ruth Phillips, Donald Robinson, Jean-Hubert Martin, etc. and Sinclair & Pollock, the Canadian Museum of History, etc.) have published numerous photos of genuine Morrisseau paintings – over 50 by my count – displaying countless Wascana Floaters.

Ouch!!! It astonishingly embarrassing – you figure out to whom? – to my mind, that Robertson had not “looked” at their publications before she concocted her Wascana Floater “fakes” test. Now she makes her colleagues look like fools for having failed to apply her “fakes” test before publishing their idea of genuine Morrisseaus… When she clearly believes they should not have…

Carmen Robertson asks you to note five divided circles having connecting lines to other pictorial elements, identifying them as parts of authentic works Morrisseau. One top right is NOT CONNECTED, being what the professor says is a telling”free-floating divided circle,” and, according to her, a damning give-away of a “fake” by some lowlife forger. It is further, doubly damned, because it is also “decorative.” Alas, in her “expert report” Robertson does NOT explain, why any forger would do something so stupid, and so recklessly depart from a basic mantra taught by every other art fraud investigator and forensic scientist in the world: that NO FORGER WOULD EVER DO SOMETHING THAT THE ARTIST WOULD NOT DO. BECAUSE TO DO IT WOULD BE A SURE WAY TO GET CAUGHT, AND BE SENT TO JAIL… And then for a forger to dare do it over and over and over, thousands of times on thousands of paintings, begs the incredulity of even sages with single digit IQs… 

A Blast from the Past… Norval, was NOT  a good student; every teacher he had will tell you that. It probably explains why he refused to listen to Professor Robertson when she cautioned him that he shouldn’t paint “free-floating divided circles,” because it made his paintings look like fakes…

Wot the hell is this? Explain please Professor Robertson… Does that look like Norval to you, say about 1963, maybe in Kenora? And gol blimey, do you think those are Wascana Floaters…? But I thought you said…

“Wascana Floaters I Wish I had Seen before I Published…”

Glossary: To help my readers to better compartmentalize and enhance their learning experience gained when reading this Blog, I coin terms or “learning units” which become part of the lexicon of the Morrisseau HOAX including: BDP, Wanker,  and now Wonker.

“Wonkers” refer to paintings whose character and authenticity has been deliberately and falsely mischaracterized by someone who has “gone off the rails,” and lost track of reality, in this case by Professor Robertson. If you note an uncanny relationship between Wankers – connecting Donald Robinson, KRG and the NMHS – and Wonkers – connecting Carmen Robertson, KRG and the NMHS – your eyesight would not need correction.

The somewhat older mentoring Robinson, appointed Robertson to his highly secret and private KRG club – as a branch plant of Toronto’s Kinsman Robinson Galleries – the Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society, in 2009, and taught her how to recognize a KRG Wanker. She lapped up what he had to say so effectively in writing her own “expert report,” on exactly the same Hearn painting, that he felt completely comfortable in withdrawing, quite suddenly, as an expert, the night before the trial was to open, in the Hearn v McLeod case where he had been the foundational corner stone, as the Morrisseau “expert,” for the Sommer Dream Team since 2009 – a long nine years…

(Both reports had lain, cheek to jowl, in the Toronto court’s evidence box for years. Removing one was strategic. Leaving it in would just have needlessly annoyed the judge in having to read the same thing twice, and noting the awkward similarities, supposedly from two “experts” who live and work 2,698.8 of kms apart.)

It’s a shame. The deep-sixed Donald Robinson “expert” report was – by far – the largest fabrication on behalf of the fraud he had started in 2001, and that he had ever compiled between 1996 and 2012, the years in which he set out to fool multiple judges with his Morrisseau “expert” reports. Egads, two volumes… possibly because volume one was bigger than the Cerlox bindings he had available. Talk about desperation. Literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of work… And the cost of it all, to Kevin Hearn.

Both Kevin Hearn and his lawyer, Jonathan Sommer, repeatedly complain about the astronomic costs their lawsuit is expensing to Hearn’s savings. Talk about a repeat of Margaret AKA “Maggie” Hatfield.

(I note with interest that Hearn, who is not connected to her, has adopted the affectionate term “Maggie” used by the Sommer Dream Team, to refer to Margaret Hatfield, who was victimized by Ritchie Sinclair into launching a specious lawsuit that cost her some $60,000 out of her paltry live savings, and accomplished nothing else for her than to enshrine her name For the Ages, as doing Great Irreparable Harm to the art and artists of Canada’s Indigenous people.)

Was He Pushed or Did He Jump? – It does establish a new record. ALL FIVE OUT OF FIVE Robinson “expert” reports have now been rejected as self-serving, unsuitable, and untrustworthy in Canadian judicial proceedings. Now Canadians can no longer watch to see whether the senior Robinson would eventually unseat the reigning “discredited expert,” the notorious Dr. Charles Smith. Don’t give up yet. All eyes are on Paul Robinson, the son, who has been hand-in-glove with his father, in all this since the 1990s, every step of the way…

Presenting the “Wonker” Line-up

To date I have found  55 Wonkers published by Carmen Robertson’s colleagues. Below, one sample from each of their publications.

“Shaman Rider – 1972” published, with two Type I Wascana Floaters in:
– Elizabeth McLuhan & Tom Hill, “The Imagemakers” in 1984 (There are 6 Wonkers in their book.)

– Lister Sinclair & Jack Pollock – “The Art of Norval Morrisseau” in 1979 (There are 12 Wonkers in their book.)

– Greg Hill & Ruth Phillips – “Norval Morrisseau; Shaman Artist” Retrospective Cat – 2006 (There are 10 Wonkers in their book.)

“Horned Snake & Turtle” published, with three highly decorative Wascana Floaters in:
– Greg Hill & Ruth Phillips – “Norval Morrisseau; Shaman Artist” Retrospective Cat 2006 (There are 10 Wonkers in their book.) 


“Encircling Serpent with Ancestors – c 1996” published with with five Type I Wascana Floaters in:
– Donald & Paul Robinson’s – “2014 Norval Morrisseau Retrospective” catalogue (There have been 20 Wonkers in the KRG gallery, books, and catalogues.) 


“aka Mythical Thunderbird 1967” published with a decorative Wascana Floater in:
– Donald & Paul Robinson’s 2012 Morrisseau Retrospective catalogue & show

This is, of course, one of Paul and Donald Robinson’s most famous “Provenance Fabrications,” sneakily changing almost everything Norval Morrisseau had written on this painting, in order to hide its origin and fool KRG clients.

“Medicine Loon 1963” published with a decorative Wascana Floater in:
– James Stevens – Picasso of the North Country – 2011
– Damkjar Burton Gallery – Hamilton, ON c 1974

“Untitled” published with with two Type I Wascana Floaters in:
– Jean-Huber Martin’s – Magiciens de la Terre – French Bicentennial 1989
– From Carmen Robertson’s own website.

“Coat of Arms” published with one Type I Wascana Floater by:
– “The Canadian Museum of Civilization” AKA – “The Canadian Museum of History” 1997

In 1997 the Canadian Museum of Civilization crafted a heritage Coat of Arms which contains BOTH forms of Norval’s “divided circle” including the Wascana Floater, as a genuine Morrisseau – not a forger’s – invention.

Sure I am proud that my international Gold medal-winning, one-hour television documentary, “My Land is My Life,” narrated by the CBC’s Linden MacIntyre, was premiered on Parliament Hill, across the river from the museum in December 1986. And then at the European Parliament in Bruxelles, Belgium. My wife Joan and I had crafted it to fight the anti-Indigenous, anti-fur trade lobby in Europe. CREDO

It was made into Canada’s first ever CD Rom Interactive (CDI) by the Secretary of State, and installed in the British Museum and in the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Said the Secretary of State’s liaison exec, “Wow! You should see it; it’s fantastic!” At the time the coat of arms was created for the museum, our CDI was inside and had been Wowing viewers from around the world for a decade…

Donald Robinson was the underbidder, on Jan. 26, 2000, on this forensically authenticated BDP. Unfortunately it seems to have four highly decorative Wascana Floaters…

Note: I am publishing only the Wonkers published by Professor Hill’s colleagues and associates because, I believe, that makes the most powerful statement.

So I have NOT referenced forensically authenticated Morrisseaus belonging to the thousands of Canadians who are NOT members of the secret KRG and NMHS private club, but whose art contains Wascana floaters. Like my own FISH 1976, on which Donald Robinson was the unsuccessful underbidder.

I have also ignored even paintings with legitimate family provenance tying them irrefutably to Norval Morrisseau.

Note FISH has four brashly decorative Wascana Floaters.