Chill & Kill

Chill and Kill the Investigative Journalist

Around the world crooked politicians, conniving corporate crooks, and crafty business manipulators are targeting investigative journalists to try to prevent, or scare them away, from publicizing their criminal activities or acts of corporate malfeasance.

We ran like hell when it became clear they were following our every move with deadly seriousness...

We ran like hell – temporarily – when it became clear they were following our every move with deadly seriousness…

We were once scared shitless, as Investigative Journalists, looking into high level police criminal wrong-doing against First Nations people.

We weren’t sure if it was CHILL or KILL, but they often go together, and both are equally deadly for journalists trying to inform the public. 

We persevered in spite of obvious threats intended to keep us from publicizing the hugely incriminating evidence we had found.

 (See Scared Shitless at Ipperwash) 

The tables, in this remote parkade, were hugely incriminating evidence of police wrong-doing. Only hours after I took this picture they were spirited away, with my video pictures the only evidence they ever existed, and the anti-Indian tactics of the OPP.

These tables, which we had sleuthed out, in this remote parkade, were hugely incriminating evidence of police wrong-doing, against Indian women, children, and men. Only hours after I took this picture they were spirited away, with my video pictures the only evidence they ever existed, and the racist anti-Indian tactics that the OPP used at Ipperwash.

Numerous leading American law schools, participating in the Chilling Effects Project, maintain a web site as a public service to protect members of the public from CHILL & KILL attacks on journalists by unscrupulous business operators.

They are compiling and publicizing a database of these attacks and request people to log in their “Cease and Desist” letters with them.

The Chill and Kill campaign in the Morrisseau Hoax case is in full swing.

Rewind – Since 2001, when Donald Robinson launched his first public attack against the supposed diabolical “thousands of forgeries by umpteen forgers,” neither he, nor his small band of acolyte Conspiracy Theorists, have taken a single forger, forgery, or retailer of supposed forgeries to court.

Not once…

Why not, you ask?

Charges Bogus – Elementary, My Dear Watson; they very well knew why: their charges were bogus from the beginning, and would never stand up to independent scrutiny in any Canadian court of law.

Though they, supposedly, had thousands of purported forgeries to pick from, or umpteen people they accused of making or selling forgeries.

Police Ignore – None of the Conspiracy Theorists could even get the RCMP – after a multi-million dollar investigation – to find or charge a single forger, forgery, or other related miscreant.

They have all had 13 years of trying…

And come up empty on all counts…

Lazy, Compliant, Gullible, Complicit Media – But they knew the mainstream media was lazy, compliant, and easy to manipulate, and willing to publicize charges that no court, and no police force, would dignify with recognition of any kind, on any level.

As was shown in the case of Val Ross, the Globe and Mail’s feature Arts Reporter, who fell, gullibly and easily, into the conniving clutches of two misguided Conspiracy Theorists (Gabe Vadas and Aaron Milrad), and ended up being responsible for her employer having to pay out some $25,000 in damages for following the advice of these two highly suspect “expert sources,” and led to her publicly calling a genuine Morrisseau a fake. (See Moniz vs CTVglobemedia)

Compare all that with Canadian master forger Richard McClintock, who was turned in after trying to sell only two (2) forgeries of high-end Quebec artists, arrested by police, and sentenced by a judge…

So just what the hell is going on here, with all these thousands of purported Morrisseau forgeries…?

We say it’s a Hoax…

And now Donald Robinson, and his band of Conspiracy Theorists are finally going to court…

But it’s only – wait for it – to “shoot the Messenger.”

They are finally going after the investigative journalists who are asking questions and publishing their research.

Which has absolutely devastating implications for the supposed claim of “thousands of forgeries by umpteen forgers,” which Donald Robinson loudly and publicly announced through the media in 2001.

So he has now launched a serious “Chill and Kill” mission to stop, not the supposed forgers and supposed forgeries, but to attempt to halt the public disclosure of scientific reports, and try to silence a journalistic analysis of the entire situation that is clearly in the public interest.

As follows:


Chill & Kill #1 – 2010, Dec. 23 – Donald Robinson, Paul Robinson, and Kinsman Robinson Galleries launched a one million dollar SLAPP suit against Ugo Matulic, who has the biggest document archive in history, relating to the Norval Morrisseau Hoax.

During five years of full-time research he has exposed hundreds of pages of evidence that the whole thing has been a Hoax from the beginning… and merely a business manipulation to control the market, by promoting Morrisseau art Kinsman Robinson Galleries has for sale, by debasing the genuine Morrisseaus in the hands of their business competitors.

No wonder he’s a target.

(The Attorney-General of Ontario has said he sees SLAPP suits as a serious danger to civil rights in Ontario, a serious misuse of the legal system, and set up a panel to design legislation to prevent this gross abuse of the courts by people with no conscience. SLAPP suits are already illegal in Quebec.)

Disclosure in the Robinson v Matulic case took place in February 2013, and is set again for May, 2013.

Chill & Kill #2 – Mar 12, 2012 – Ritchie Sinclair, a longtime acolyte, and business associate of Donald Robinson, and his performance partner in multiple court cases,  threatens John Goldi and Joan Goldi with a libel suit.

Sinclair, who has published some thousand pictures of purported fakes that he and Donald Robinson mostly agree on, as being forgeries, himself has never taken any forger or forgery to court, but now also targets and threatens us as investigative journalists with a trumped-up libel suit.

Not for anything we’ve written, on our many websites, but for what appeared on Ugo Matulic’s blog site, where in some 2,000 posts he has authored in some five years, I don’t believe our name, or pseudonym, or anonymous posting, appears even once…

In January 2013, the Conspiracy Theorists ramp up their Chill & Kill attack on a wider network of investigative journalists.

Chill & Kill #3 – 2013 – Jan 24 – Donald Robinson & Paul Robinson sent John Goldi a “Cease & Desist” order.

Chill & Kill #4 – Mar 12, 2013 – 11:53 am – Our server gives notice that Donald Robinson & Paul Robinson have mounted a cyber attack on our educational public service blog site.

Chill & Kill #5 – Mar 12, 2013 – 4:36 pm – Our server gives notice that Aaron Milrad has mounted a cyber attack on our educational public service blog site.

More info on Chill & Kill

I you are reading this you might be interested in this link which is maintained by various prestigious American law schools to prevent SLAPP suits, and CHILL & KILL activities of unscrupulous businessmen trying to cover up questionable business practices or worse…

The civil rights lawyers request that “Cease and Desist” letters be sent to them so they can analyze them and publish them with commentary and defences based on the actual law that applies.

Please note that a copy of each legal notice we receive may be sent to the Chilling Effects project ( ) for publication and annotation. Chilling Effects will redact the submitter’s personal contact information (i.e. phone number, e-mail and address).

You can see an example of such a publication at