A Malicious Vendetta v McLeod & Otavnik Art – 2008-2017

Last Update Nov. 17 – On November 3, 2017 longtime, respected Canadian art dealer, Joe Otavnik filed suit against Professor Carmen Robertson, of the University of Regina’s Department of Visual Arts, for Libel and Defamation – Plaintiff’s Claim – below

Racism & Cultural Genocide Go Hand in Hand in Ottawa – It’s nothing if not sickening in the extreme, that the Ottawa cultural establishment continues to be so viciously racist, in 2017, that they can collaborate and use public funds, to display and denigrate three genuine paintings of Norval Morrisseau as “fakes,” just because they continue to harbour the same old traditional sneering “white” attitude towards Canada’s Indigenous art and artists… which kept them out of the National Gallery of Canada for 126 years… That’s the continuing reality for Canada’s Indigenous people, and the real “Canada at 150…”

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