An Unwelcome Surprise for Jonathan J Sommer: Part 1

The Only Lawyer in Canada, out of over 90,000 to claim he has a "fake" Morrisseau...

Quebec Lawyer Jonathan J Sommer – The Only Lawyer in Canada – out of over 90,000 – to claim his client has been sold a “fake” Morrisseau by a gallery… in spite of the fact that multiple Judges and Justices have issued judgments telling him he’s totally wrong… Not to mention some 200 forensic handwriting analysis findings, that confirm with DNA certainty, and without a single failing, that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about… Still Sommer and his longtime associate Ritchie Sinclair have BOTH publicly claimed, in multiple media outlets, where they have promoted their view that there are lots of Morrisseau “fakes” out there and a forgery ring producing them is in Thunder Bay… As prominent Toronto lawyer Brian Shiller, who has resoundingly defeated Jonathan Sommer’s fraudulent Morrisseau allegations in TWO courts before TWO judges, and won two other CEASE and DESIST capitulations (McDermott & the SAW Gallery), has scorchingly noted to a National Post journalist, that Mr. Sommer “has been making the allegations of a fraud ring for a long time now” and that “we have asked him for any evidence to support the claim but no evidence has been forthcoming.” National Post, Tristin Hopper, Feb. 3, 2014.

“About Me” – Updated Aug. 21, 2017

On Aug. 14, 2017, in Toronto Superior Court on 361 University Avenue, I was – once again – the only journalist in attendance when the Plaintiff’s lawyer (in Hearn v McLeod), Jonathan J Sommer, appeared to argue a Motion in his Morrisseau “fakes” case on behalf of Kevin Hearn. The Hon. Justice Grant R Dow heard the Motion.

Rewind – As preposterous as it sounds, Jonathan J Sommer, is the only lawyer in the world – and the only one out of  90,000 licensed lawyers in Canada – to pursue a claim for a SINGLE client, over a SINGLE Morrisseau painting, claiming it is a “fake.”

Nothing could be a more stunning indictment of the claim by the fraudsters who initiated the Morrisseau Hoax in 2001, that there are supposedly “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers” out there, when not a single other Canadian lawyer will litigate such a Plaintiff’s Claim with a ten foot pole… Not one.

It is hardly surprising considering that NO evidence to substantiate this fraudulent claim has ever been produced by anyone. And also because it’s a claim, for which its proponents, have been roundly, and repeatedly, totally discredited by multiple judges in multiple courts, as well as by some 200 – yes I said 200 – forensic findings by three of Canada’s top handwriting experts.

Jonathan J Sommer is, by choice, a lone wolf. But hey, it’s a living as long as one can find a gullible client willing to pay… for nothing. And Ritchie Sinclair has managed to find such gullible clients for Jonathan Sommer.

“Finder’s Keepers” – Sinclair (in Toronto) delivered the Hatfield case (in 2009) and the Hearn case (in 2010-12), both from Toronto, into his rural Quebec-domiciled business partner’s lap.

I do not know what Sommer has paid Sinclair to do so – you know paying him a “Finder’s Fee,” which is common among lawyers to pay to business partners who funnel them business.

But it is clear from disclosures Mr. Sommer (who lives in Quebec) made before Justice Dow in court, that he is paying – and so billing his client Kevin Hearn – more than handsomely for sub-contracting another Toronto lawyer to do local work for him which he can’t do from remote Quebec.*** It was something which Justice Dow drew special attention to, noting the curiosity that Sommer was paying – and billing his client Kevin Hearn for – a sub-contracted Toronto lawyer $400 an hour, for doing work Sommer personally only charged $300 an hour for… “Interesting!” I heard Justice Dow comment… I believe both Justice Dow and I knew where the extra $100 ended up…

*** Remember the business office Sommer himself occupies (according to data released by the Barreau du Québec) is 654 kms (a six and a half hour drive) from Toronto, in remote rural Sutton, Quebec, a town and an area I know well. So Sommer subcontracts his Toronto work by paying a premium to Toronto lawyers, adding more over-the-top billing expenses for which he charges his Toronto clients. Over and above his travel expenses, hotel accommodation, meals, and transportation expenses when – out of necessity – he makes a rare trip to Toronto.

The Barreau de Quebec lists this as the business office of Jonathan J Sommer. The woman who runs the adjoing tourist office reported that he works there most days.

The Barreau du Québec (the Law Society of Quebec Lawyers) lists this ramshackle old clapboard house, in downtown Sutton, Quebec – 654 kms from Toronto – as the location of the business office of Jonathan J Sommer. The principal tenant of the building is the Sutton Tourist Information Office. The woman who runs it reported that Sommer has a room there and works there most days. The Barreau  also notes that Sommer is NOT a fully licensed Quebec lawyer (Avocat), but only a CJC, a Conseiller Juridique Canadien, a restricted special category of “out of province” lawyer, it started in 2008. As a restricted CJC, Mr. Sommer is NOT licensed to practice Quebec provincial law in Quebec. I believe Mr. Sommer would NOT be able to launch or represent a Morrisseau “fakes” lawsuit in Quebec. 

Going to work and watching the scenery...

Walking to work in Toronto is much more interesting than in Sutton, Quebec…

In spite of all the expenses, Sommer has notoriously, and disastrously lost – at great expense to his clients; but for big bucks for himself – the only other similar court case (Hatfield v Artworld), trying to make the same fraudulent claim, with the same witnesses, Ritchie Sinclair and Donald Robinson. Only to have them all totally discredited – his claims, his witnesses, his expert witnesses, his expert reports etc. – not only by the presiding trial judge (Martial), but by the Appeal Justice (Sanderson) as well.

Courtroom Drama – On August 14, the Defendant’s side or his representatives were not in attendance.

There were only four people in the public gallery: Sommer’s severe looking, unidentified female companion***, his pleasant looking client, Kevin Hearn, my wife, Joan Goldi – an observer – and I the journalist, researcher, and writer of

*** Sorry, I have no information who this woman is – whether he brought her from Quebec or engaged her locally. When I entered the large courtroom this stern-looking woman was the only person sitting in the public gallery, behind Sommer. During the hearing this mystery woman did not consult with him, had no briefcase I could see, and took no notes. When I saw her walking on the street with Sommer she again had no briefcase I could see.

The hearing was a stunner for me in numerous ways…

I will, later, be revealing all for you. It offers fresh new insights into the Hoax.


FOR ALMOST FOUR LONG YEARS, 24/7 the Barenaked Ladies have allowed their name to be bannered in the media, to back a documented fraud that has undermined public confidence in the integrity of Canada’s Indigenous art industry, and done great irreparable harm to the art and artists of Canada’s Indigenous people. The journalistically malfeasant, vicious and malicious National Post has bannered this “Fake News” for years as if McDermott was involved, WHEN HE IS NOT, AND HASN’T BEEN FOR YEARS. In fact he was “aboard” this fraudulent lawsuit for only a few days – at most, in late October 2013 – before he looked at the evidence displayed on this blog, and quit the lawsuit immediately after. FOUR YEARS AGO…

Kevin Softly Complains – After the hearing I got to meet Kevin Hearn for the first time, when he sought me out in the hall as I was leaving. He was extremely polite and friendly and admitted he read my blog.

He told me he was only “trying to make up my own mind” and do the right thing…

He struck me as a clearly decent guy, but some of his comments to me utterly floored me, to say the least. He clearly does NOT know the difference between documented evidence (facts) and “opinion.” To him they are clearly inseparable and one and the same… and in his mind, have the same weight…

Beyond Preposterous 1 – In other words, to Kevin, what  a street barker shouts has equal value to the finding of a forensic scientist. And to him Ritchie Sinclair’s wild rants are on the same level of believability as an Appeal Judgment from the Hon. Madam Justice Mary Anne Sanderson…

You’ll want to know what his complaints about me were.

Beyond Preposterous 2 – I will be revealing details about our exchange because they are extremely illuminating. And because I want to clarify some huge misconceptions Hearn has about the Hoax etc. Like his totally false belief that there are other lawyers out there litigating over supposed Morrisseau “fakes,” and that his lawyer – Sommer – is only one of many…

Sorry Kevin, but Jonathan Jerome Sommer is the only one litigating an alleged Morrisseau “fake” in the entire world. Out of over 90,000 lawyers in Canada. And no others in the rest of the world.

Beyond Preposterous 3 – Kevin also seems unaware that an incredulous Defence lawyer Brian Shiller asked in a document submitted in a pre-trial conference, why anyone (Kevin Hearn) would possibly want to spend an estimated $200,000 in legal fees etc. on a painting(s) he only paid $20,000 for? It is, of course, insane, because that money is gone forever… And none of it will ever be recouped, all to no purpose. Why not just have burned the $200 grand in a bonfire six years ago and get on to do something else more productive with one’s life?

But the damage and irreparable harm this pursuit has done to the art and artists of Canada’s Indigenous people is permanent, and it will take generations for them to recover from this heinous attack on their art, their artists, their dealers, and their small cottage industry. Kevin Hearn’s meretricious lawsuit has totally spooked the buying public… And hugely driven potential customers away from purchasing Indigenous art, fearing it’s contaminated and unreliable.

Shame on you Kevin… for giving the fraud legs with your celebrity status…

By allowing yourself – and the Barenaked Ladies – to be used by fraudsters for a racist, anti-Indian publicity purpose, and to promote a fraudulent HOAX that has done great irreparable harm to the art and artists of Canada’s Indigenous people.

Jonathan J Sommer contemplates a bleak future for the last case in the world to claim there is a "fake" Morrisseau

Jonathan J Sommer contemplates a bleak future, suing a dead man, for the last case in the world to claim there is a “fake” Morrisseau. In fact he is the ONLY lawyer in Canada – out of 90,000 – to have ever pursued a claim alleging a “fake” Morrisseau. With utterly disastrous results for him, his witnesses, his client, his claim and his credibility. 

The Sommer Rage – On Monday morning, at 9:55 a:m, on Aug. 14, lawyer Jonathan Sommer was truly stunned and angry – I could see the clear hatred expressed on his face – to see me enter the empty courtroom, for a Motion hearing he clearly thought no one else in the world knew was even taking place. (But my research, as always, is foolproof.)

The last time I had seen Mr. Sommer was on Dec. 6, 2013 at Osgoode Hall when I had sat immediately behind him*** and watched him disastrously and totally lose his Appeal (of Hatfield v Artworld). And watched and listened as he was openly chided by the Hon. Madam Justice Mary Anne Sanderson for criticizing the Defence (Brian Shiller) for “ambush tactics,” when, she said the problem Sommer complained about was, in fact, his own fault for apparently having forgotten how to do elementary cross-examination during a trial. And then giving him – TWICE – a stern lecture on the subject.

Despondent this Christmas because she has no money left to buy her adopted son a Christmas present. She spent all she had on her lawyer.

At the end of 2013, after a five day trial, and a one day Appeal, “Maggie” Hatfield’s earlier smile was long gone, and so was some $60,000 of her meager pension. Thanks to the gullible schoolteacher listening to art terrorist Ritchie Sinclair when he claimed she had a “fake” Morrisseau and that she should sue, and hire his friend Jonathan J Sommer from far-off Quebec to represent her in a lawsuit. Sinclair probably told her she would – guaranteed – win the case and get all her money back, and then some… Instead, her name will live for the Ages, among the infamous, in Canadian art history, for doing Great Irreparable Harm to the Art and Artists of Canada’s Indigenous People.

*** Some ten feet… I might add I was also sitting immediately beside Sommer’s client Margaret Hatfield, and his business partner and apparent legal advisor, Ritchie Sinclair, so having the catbird seat in watching and listening to the trio of plotters interact during the numerous hours that the hearing lasted. Several times I saw and heard Sinclair “shush” Sommer to get him to turn around – he was facing the judge – to receive instructions.

Once after Sommer addressed Justice Sanderson on a point, Sinclair feverishly dictated a note to Hatfield who dutifully wrote.*** Sinclair then loudly shushed Sommer, who swung around. Sinclair leaned forward and handed him the note. Sommer read it, then rose to ask Justice Sanderson that he wished to correct something he had misspoken about. In the end it was a hearing that ended in total and embarrassing disaster for the trio and their claims. No amount of legal advice from Ritchie Sinclair could help Jonathan Sommer salvage his disastrous legal case for Hatfield. It was, after all, based on a fraud…

Conspiracy Theory promoter Ritchie Sinclair, hard at work carrying “Wheel of Life 1979” for Margaret Hatfield. She originally loved it, but now that Sinclair called it a fake she hates it. “Too bad,” said forensic scientist Dr. Atul K Singla, “it’s authentic.” “Too bad, it’s real,” echoed Judge Martial, “both the front and the back.” Proving Margaret Hatfield should not have gone internet “dating” which is where she found Sinclair and his bad advice. He’s in a suit, to try to fool the judge, when mostly he wears a Davy Crockett outfit.

Inseparable – “Maggie” Hatfield and the man detailed to be her gofer and look after her, Ritchie Sinclair, hard at work carrying “Wheel of Life 1979” for her. She originally loved it, but now that Sinclair called it a fake she hates it. Countered forensic scientist Dr. Atul K Singla, “It’s authentic.” Echoed Judge Martial, “It’s real. 100% both the front and the back.” Repeated Justice Sanderson, “It’s totally authentic.” Proving Margaret Hatfield should not have gone internet “dating” which is where she found Sinclair and his bad advice. He’s in a suit, to try to fool the judge, when mostly he wears a Davy Crockett outfit, decorated with chicken feathers, baubles, bangles, and beads, his preferred costume when he dresses up as an Indian impostor/impersonator. Note: Neither Sommer nor his legal assistant at the time – his wife Anna Sommer – are anywhere around… Shame on Maggie. She was so distraught at all the money she spent on nothing, that she allowed Sinclair and his cronies to take her painting to CTV and slang it on national TV as a “fake.” And then allowed him to take it to the SAW Gallery to display it as a “forgery” there, till legal threats from Brian Shiller forced them to dismount it and apologize in the media. So, do NOT weep for Margaret Hatfield. She was a willing conspirator in denigrating and devaluing the art and artists of Canada’s Indigenous people.

*** Though it was ultra rare for me to see Sommer in the company of Hatfield – who was actually his client, and who was paying him tens of thousands out of her pension – she and Sinclair were inseparable. It certainly appeared that Sinclair had been selected to chaperone the retired old schoolteacher.

Inseparable – So Sinclair and Margaret Hatfield – Sinclair and Sommer both called her “Maggie” – arrived at and left court sessions together. Sinclair always carried her painting in and out of the court house.

At Osgoode Hall the duo walked in the street together, in the gardens together, in the hallways, back and forth together, before court, and during breaks.

They sat side by side in court – immediately beside me at Osgoode Hall. Not even Anna Sommer sat beside them. Sinclair and Hatfield chatted frequently. “Maggie” even wrote a note for Sinclair.

I saw Sinclair once approach her in the courtroom, when she sat beside Sommer, and immediately in front of me, and kiss the top of her head. But that was near the end of the trial, when she was visibly shuddering, non-stop, in panic, as even she could tell that the case Jonathan Sommer was presenting before Judge Martial was heading for disaster.

Like her rapidly depleating meager pension…

I estimate that the experience – at the behest of Ritchie Sinclair – cost her an estimated $60,000. All for nothing. Except that her reputation, for the Ages, in Canadian art history is now shot AND I believe she now hates with a passion, a painting she once bought for her adopted son because she loved it…

The most unseemly "buddy" picture in Canadian jusicial history, but teling, featuring an expert witness with the two losers he was backing with his testimony in the Martial trial.

The most unseemly “buddy” picture in Canadian judicial history. “Maggie” the client; Ritchie her chaperone, and the most discredited art expert in world history, Donald “Pop” Robinson, whose  so-called “expert” testimony and “expert” report totally torpedoed the Hatfield v Artworld case, in the Martial trial. (Making it his third out of three of his notoriously fraudulent “expert reports” that have been discredited and rejected by judges and lawyers in various lawsuits. In fact Robinson’s reputation as an art (and Morrisseau) expert is so discredited for the Ages that even his fourth and last “expert” report, for Kevin Hearn, is treated as a reject by his own team headed by Sommer, as worthy of little better than headed for the trash. Proven by the fact that Sommer has – why else do this? – gone elsewhere for another replacement “expert” report claiming Hearn’s painting is “fake,” by one Professor Carmen Robertson of the University of Regina, and the NMHS. Sommer knew she can be counted on to deliver the kind of “expert report” – a clone of Robinson’s – he wants, because she is an old NMHS crony of Robinson, so will spout on cue what “Pop” Robinson wants her to. IN FACT, HER “EXPERT REPORT” WHICH I HAVE RESEARCHED IN DETAIL IS, IF ANYTHING, EVEN WORSE AND LESS CREDIBLE – GROSSLY ACADEMICALLY MALFEASANT ON MULTIPLE LEVELS – THAN ROBINSON’S OWN MULTIPLE JUDICIALLY AND FORENSICALLY REJECTED FAUX “EXPERT” REPORTS.)  Above: Margaret Hatfield, and her ever present chaperone, Ritchie Sinclair, outside court. But where is her lawyer Jonathan Sommer, or his legal assistant, his wife, Anna Sommer? As always, Sinclair was personally looking after Sommer’s client, in isolation…

I will also, later, be discussing the rage that Jonathan Sommer unloaded on me, both before the judge arrived, and in his subsequent failing attempt to get Justice Dow to throw me out of the courtroom.

The Motion before the judge was consumed by only two issues, which took up 90% of the hearing time:

– Mr. Sommer’s submission on why John Goldi should be thrown out of court, and

– Justice Dow’s lengthy and probing questioning of what he clearly considered the excessive over-billing that Sommer was charging for preparing his Motion. More time was taken when Justice Dow made downward corrections to Sommer’s billings, by doing his own computing of proper and decent amounts, which he then imposed on Sommer.

Sommer meekly defended his billings saying he had never done this before; it was “the first time” he said. Justice Dow archly observed that “I’m not sure your client should be paying for your education.” Before taking time to considerably downsize the Sommer billings.

Banning the Journalist & Trying to Undermine the Ontario Protection of Public Participation Act of 2015

Immediately after Justice Dow entered the court, Jonathan Sommer demanded that I be ejected from the public gallery of the court.

Justice Dow asked for my response.

I replied that virtually everything Jonathan Sommer had said about me was false, and that he and his longtime business partner Ritchie Sinclair were always trying to ban me from the public gallery during their court appearances, and try to shut me up in various ways to prevent me reporting what they are doing regarding their Morrisseau “fakes” business.

Sommer replied that I was lying, that he had no connection with Ritchie Sinclair, and that he had never tried to ban me from a court.

Still Justice Dow refused his request as it was a public court.

Jonathan Jerome Sommer, a lawyer who has for years been domiciled in Quebec, and whose actual office is in remote, far-off, rural Sutton, Quebec, has apparently never heard of Ontario’s Protection of Public Participation Act of 2015, which was designed to protect the public’s right to know about matters of public interest, and journalists’ right to observe, and write about what happens inside Ontario’s court rooms.

Expanding the Legal Classification of Journalists: Amazingly Mr. Sommer’s repeated utterances denouncing John Goldi as a “no journalist,” betray that he clearly is ignorant of the fact that the Chief Justice of Canada, Beverley McLachlin specifically defined “the Defence of Responsible Communication,” in 2009, to INCLUDE internet bloggers to be legally treated in future, in the same way as traditional members of the “journalist” group. To signal the change, the original “Defence” was changed from “Defence of Responsible Journalism” to “Responsible Communication” to put internet bloggers on a legal par with traditional print journalists.

Contemplating a bleak future after he loses his last client

Jonathan Sommer contemplating a bleak future, knowing he has to sue a dead man for his final lawsuit alleging Kevin Hearn has a Morrisseau “fake.” In his briefcase Jonathan Sommer is carrying his billing that he is charging his client Kevin Hearn, to change the status of the Defendant from “live” to “dead,” and for which he has to get approval from the judge. It turned out that Mr. Sommer was billing way more than was proper according to what I heard Justice Grant R Dow tell him, a few minutes later. Justice Dow adjusted Sommer’s billings significantly downward. For which Kevin Hearn was no doubt grateful.

The fraudulent Morrisseau “fakes” issue is also of national importance because it is not only intended to undermine public confidence in the art and artists of Canada’s Indigenous people, but to destroy the art heritage of Canada’s greatest Indigenous artist, Norval Morrisseau.

And is thus doing great irreparable harm to Indigenous art and artists in general.

Sommer and his longtime business partner in promoting the Morrisseau “fakes” part of his law practice, the convicted Libeler and Slanderer, and racist Indian impostor/impersonator, Ritchie Sinclair, have tried, for years, to ban interested parties from witnessing their Morrisseau-related court cases.

Ritchie Sinclair - totally discredited by judge after judge, after judge...

The racist art terrorist Ritchie Sinclair – totally discredited by judge, after judge, after judge… has been a business partner advancing the Morrisseau Hoax, in the media and in the courts, in tandem with lawyer Jonathan J Sommer since at least July 2009. Over and over, their names appear in tandem in newspaper articles or internet publications of mainstream media postings alleging there are countless “fake” Morrisseaus “out there” and a ring of forgers producing them in Thunder Bay, ON. Thunder Bay is, of course, the last place on earth where anyone in their right mind would possibly base a forgery ring producing “fakes,” when virtually every house already has one or more genuine Morrisseaus hanging, or stored under a bed, in the basement, or in the attic, from the days when Norval himself sold his huge acrylics there, cheap, door to door in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 1980s. How can Jonathan Sommer not be aware of this well-known history*** and make up such total twaddle and feed it to the media? Can it be that, with his business office in far-off Sutton, Quebec, some 1,693 kms and 19 hours from Thunder Bay that he knows little or less about the town and its decades of ties to Norval Morrisseau and his art? And so be forced to make up an alternate history to bolster his floundering and fraudulent lawsuit? *** I have been there many times – the first time in 1960 – know the town and its historical links to Morrisseau, and find Sommer’s claims beyond preposterous and ignorant and incredible in the extreme.

Clearly, both Ritchie Sinclair and Jonathan J Sommer are trying their level best to prevent the public from finding out what they are saying and doing in Ontario’s courtrooms, and the totally damning things judges are saying in reply.

To those who know the facts, it’s no wonder…

Jonathan J Sommer (Quebec) & Ritchie Sinclair (Toronto)
“A Few of the Ties That Bind”

Here is a list of (only some) collaborating attempts the duo have made to keep the word from getting out to the Canadian public, and demanding that judges eject interested parties from the public gallery in Ontario courtrooms. 

NOTE:  An amazing anomaly is that the only two cases of alleged Morrisseau “fakes” (Hatfield & Hearn) that were ever heard in a Canadian court, were BOTH triggered by art and cyber terrorist Ritchie Sinclair of Toronto, ON, a school dropout, an anti-Indigenous racist, a convicted Libeler and Slanderer, and whose only claim to fame is that he was a contract lover of Norval’s sometime in 1979. Sinclair, who is also a notorious Indian impostor/impersonator and Faux-Nishinaabe artist, delivered BOTH Plaintiffs (Margaret Hatfield and Kevin Hearn) to his business partner, lawyer Jonathan J Sommer from Montreal PQ, with whom he had a previous legal relationship.

An Angry Judge CW Kilian – Underlining the point, in his written judgment, an angry Toronto Deputy Judge CW Kilian, barked, when he fined Sinclair the maximum of $25,000 for Libel and Slander, and wrote he wished he could punish him with $10,000 more, because:

“… he (Sinclair) presented no evidence of any experts to substantiate his assertion. The fact that he had worked with Norval Morrisseau does not automatically make him an expert and his testimony clearly showed he is not…

“His (Sinclair’s) comments were made recklessly with total disregard for the truth or their consequences… I am satisfied that the drastic drop in the Plaintiff’s business was in large part due to the Defendant’s website… Because of his (Sinclair’s) reckless false allegations disseminated on a world-wide media…”
– Judgment, Deputy Judge CW Kilian, Toronto, Aug. 5, 2015

NOTE: Brian Shiller, was again the winning counsel against the Morrisseau fraudsters, this time out, representing the successful Plaintiff, James White.

This “across the Quebec border” Sinclair/Sommer arrangement obviously burdened Sommer’s Toronto clients with the huge additional travel costs to bring their lawyer from Quebec to Ontario. Sommer’s office is located in rural Sutton, Quebec, 653 kms from Toronto… In fact during that Hatfield trial Sommer complained multiple times to Judge Martial of the long and expensive travel time – some six and a half hours – from his remote Quebec region office to Toronto.

Why, you may well ask, could not Margaret Hatfield find a more suitable – and cheaper – lawyer from among the 25,000 located in the Toronto region? The persuasive Sinclair convinced her to hire Sommer in far-off Sutton, Quebec, instead.

Why, you may well ask, could not Kevin Hearn find a more suitable – and cheaper, and above all, a more successful lawyer – from among the 25,000 located in the Toronto region? 

Especially after two different judges (in 2013) BOTH embarrassingly totally rejected and discredited Margaret Hatfield’s Plaintiff’s Claim, her lack of Due Diligence, Sommer’s claims, his witnesses, his expert witness, his expert report, and BOTH chided him for professional failures in presenting his case at trial. And after McDermott abandoned his claim, almost immediately after he had been persuaded to file it…


Judge Martial hearing Hatfield v Artworld, issued the “watershed Judgment” in the Morrisseau “fakes” allegations on Mar. 25, 2013.

The judge told Sommer his case alleging Morrisseau “fakes” had no merit – that its claims were fraudulent.

Appeal Justice Sanderson confirmed Judge Martial’s findings and judgment, and told Sommer his case had no merit – its claims were fraudulent on Dec. 17, 2013.

I wrote that after the Sanderson Appeal Judgment was issued on Dec. 17, 2013, Jonathan J Sommer could no longer claim, or pretend, that he was just representing a client on a “Morrisseau fakes” case that had merit. That two judges in two courts, and one of his own clients – John McDermott – had loudly told him, his claim about “Morrisseau fakes” had no merit on any level.

In effect, to Cease and Desist, with his fraudulent allegations…

That, if in fact, he persisted with his discredited “Morrisseau fakes” business, he was NOT any longer representing a client, but exploiting a client. Two Ontario Judges had told him that; McDermott had told him that. I also told him that, by informing him on this blog that the “evidence” had been judicially ruled on, that, if he persisted, he would henceforth be fronting for a fraud, and openly flouting the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Rules of Ethics for Ontario lawyers, which forbade the practice.

Which is exactly why, out of 90,000 lawyers in Canada, only one – Jonathan Jerome Sommer from Sutton, Quebec – is pursuing a SINGLE case, alleging a SINGLE “Morrisseau fake,” for a SINGLE client – Kevin Hearn… When the fraudsters have been saying there are supposedly thousands of fakes out there, and yet no other lawyer is pursuing a single other one… Why the hell not? When lawyers are all greedy for money***… Clearly there are 90,000 Canadian lawyers out there who DO NOT want to jeopardize their law careers, by fronting for a fraud.

*** Read “The 360-minute Hour: Why lawyers cost so much” – Halina, RJ

John McDermott's role in the HOAX has not been fully established yet. What did he know, and when did he know it? Was he a complicit activist or a dupe victimized by art scammers?

Famed singer John McDermott showed a rare brand of courage and self-confidence, when he was alerted to read this blog and realized he had been manipulated into launching a lawsuit alleging Joe McLeod had sold him “fake” Morrisseaus, a claim that in fact, had no merit. When he researched the judicial judgments and forensic evidence that was displayed on this blog, he almost immediately told Jonathan Sommer to Cease and Desist pursuing his McDermott v McLeod case. So saving himself a ton of money and avoiding being nationally embarrassed for claiming genuine Morrisseau paintings were fakes when they were not.

The McDermott Case – For a long time, in their public utterances to the media, BOTH Ritchie Sinclair and Jonathan Sommer bundled the Kevin Hearn lawsuit against Joe McLeod (Hearn v McLeod), with a parallel one by celebrity singer John McDermott, also against McLeod (McDermott v McLeod), each alleging they had been deliberately sold fake Morrisseaus by Joe McLeod, Canada’s senior Morrisseau expert. As preposterous as it sounds to anyone with elementary common sense that Joe would even contemplate tarnishing an enviable reputation, based on decades of promoting Indigenous art and artists, by starting to sell fakes and forgeries, in his 80s…

But on both CTV’s Canada AM and in interviews with print and internet mainstream media journalists both Ritchie Sinclair and Jonathan Sommer publicly promoted them as the “Hearn and McDermott” cases, which they alleged were their proof that there were Morrisseau “fakes…” They alleged Joe was knowingly involved in making forgeries and selling them. (Source: Hatfield testimony May 31, 2011.)

Their only proof: because a celebrity singer and a celebrity ivory tickler apparently said so…

That, supposedly, the word of these art collecting neophytes was superior to that of Joseph McLeod, Canada’s senior (going back to 1959) and most respected Morrisseau expert. Totally preposterous, of course.

After being alerted to the huge wealth of documentary evidence, from independent experts, and multiple judges, published on this blog, John McDermott, almost immediately caught on that he was being victimized into fronting for a fraud and totally abandoned his Sommer lawsuit against McLeod.

In fact McDermott killed it only days after Sommer had sent his McDermott v McLeod Plaintiff’s Claim to James Adams of the Globe to publicize it. Adams speedily and gleefully published the fraudulent claim as if it were genuine. And Adams kept it up in the Globe internet archive without correction, for a full year after McDermott had killed it. So for a full year, 24/7 the fraudulent and dishonest Adams article – falsely alleging McDermott was suing McLeod, when he was NOT – was doing its nasty denigration and devaluation of the art and artists of Canada’s Indigenous people.

And yes, the world of Canadian fine art is as surreally idiotic, vicious and malicious as this.

Chronology of Some Key Dates in “Trying to Kill the Journalist”
And trying to undermine the Ontario “Protection of Public Participation Act of 2015.”

– Spring 2009 – Ritchie Sinclair delivers Margaret Hatfield (from Sarnia, ON) into Jonathan J Sommer’s lap. Sommer (from Montreal, PQ) files the case (Hatfield v Artworld) in July 2009. (Source: Margaret Hatfield testimony)

– Jun 22, 2010 – Ritchie Sinclair apologizes to Kevin Hearn (Toronto, ON) that he ordered the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Jennifer Bhogal to dismount Hearn’s painting as a fake. He delivered the lawsuit into Sommer’s lap. Sommer (from Montreal, PQ) files the case (Hearn v McLeod) June 8, 2011. (Source: Hearn/Sommer court documents)

– Nov 16, 2010 – Ritchie Sinclair demands Judge Godfrey (hearing Otavnik v Sinclair) ban journalist John Goldi from the public gallery – Request Denied. (Source: I was there and was the target.)

Joseph Otavnik, a Great Canadian Cultural Hero, for issuing the first court challenge to the Conspiracy Theorists, who declined the honour to meet in front of a judge with their supposed proof of forgery. Having sent Norval Morrisseau and his white business manager to run for cover he now tackled Ritchie Sinclair who saw himself as the primary "enforcer" for the Conspiracy Theorists.

Joseph Otavnik, a Great Canadian Cultural Hero, for issuing the first court challenge to the Morrisseau “fakes” fraudsters. They declined the honour to meet in front of a judge with their supposed proof of forgery. Having sent Norval Morrisseau and his white business manager to run for cover, and pay him off for libeling him and slandering his paintings, he now tackled Ritchie Sinclair who saw himself as the primary “enforcer” for the KRG fraudsters.

– May 31, 2011 – Jonathan Sommer demands Judge Martial ban longtime art collector Joseph Otavnik from the public gallery, citing his wishes out of concern for his witness – aka business partner – Ritchie Sinclair.*** In another gross and flagrant violation of court rules Sommer also allowed Sinclair – his only witness – to remain in court, before he testified, so he could listen to other people’s testimony before he himself took the stand. (Source: I was there. I heard it all.)

***Judge Martial, was inscrutable in not responding to this outlandish demand to ban a member of the public from the public gallery. Since Joe Otavnik chose not to attend this trial – he was not involved, not a witness, nor a party to the action – Sommer’s demand never became an issue.

But Sommer’s attempt to ban Otavnik, who was suing Ritchie Sinclair, Sommer’s business partner, in a Morrisseau-related lawsuit is another telling link in the long chain linking Quebec lawyer Jonathan Sommer and notorious art and cyber terrorist Ritchie Sinclair. In another action, Sommer also defended Ritchie Sinclair’s longtime previous lawyer (Zak Muscovitch) in another previous Morrisseau-related lawsuit launched by Otavnik against Muscovitch.

Zak Muscovitch was the first lawyer to see there was money to be made in promoting the wild and unsubstantiated claims of fakes and forgeries dreamed up by Ritchie Sinclair and Donald Robinson.

Lawyer Zak Muscovitch – Ritchie Sinclair’s previous longtime lawyer associate, claimed to live in fear of Joseph Otavnik, and withdrew his legal services as attorney of record for Sinclair,  after Joe called him “a fucking asshole.” Justice Lacavera, noted in his judgment that lawyer Muscovitch was not believable, since after Joe called him “a fucking asshole” he still sought him out at times and places where he had no business appearing, including showing up in court to offer Sinclair legal advice.

Sommer also knew Sinclair had launched a bogus Criminal Harassment suit with Toronto Police against Otavnik, based on fraudulent allegations forged by Sinclair about various people – including me. I have the documentary proof (below) accessed from an RCMP Access to Information Request. The Criminal Harassment trial of Joseph Otavnik concluded in 2013, with the Hon. Justice Alphonse T Lacavera finding Otavnik totally innocent (not guilty) of ALL (Sinclair’s Toronto Police) harassment charges. Lacavera also scorched Sinclair’s previous lawyer Zak Muscovitch as NOT believable by questioning his truthfulness.

A Justice Calls Out “A Fucking Asshole” – Muscovitch testified he claimed to fear Otavnik because Otavnik had called him “a fucking asshole.” The Hon. Justice Alphonse T Lacavara refused to buy any of it, saying that even though the lawyer claimed fear, because he had been called “a fucking asshole,” he had still voluntarily gone to a trial – in which he was NOT involved – where he knew he would encounter Otavnik, a man he claimed to fear…

Lacavera also scorched Sinclair, for exactly the same thing, saying his claims of being in fear of Otavnik were repeatedly and completely belied by his own actions. Judgespeak for “Sinclair is a liar.” Noting that Sinclair had even gone to Otavnik’s house… And that Otavnik was NOT harassing Sinclair at his residence, or scaring his roommate, as Sinclair claimed. That Otavnik had every right to serve court papers there. In fact the law required him to do so.

Another Sommer Employee – “My Roommate” Garth Cole

I meet Ritchie Sinclair's roommate, Garth Cole, in the lobby of Sinclair's apartment building. Cole has also worked for Jonathan J Sommer as a process server. On March 7, 2014m in the lobby outside a courtroom he threw large envelopes at BOTH my witness Joseph Otavnik and my wife Joan Goldi, who was walking carrying boxes of documents. Cole shouted at her "Take that you fucking bitch." The envelopes were full of Sommer legal documents.

Another Sommer Employee – I meet Ritchie Sinclair’s roommate, Garth Cole, in the lobby of Sinclair’s apartment building. Cole has also worked for Jonathan J Sommer as a process server. On March 7, 2014, in the lobby outside a Brampton, ON, courtroom, an aggressively shouting Cole threw large envelopes at BOTH my witness, Joseph Otavnik, and my wife, Joan Goldi, as she exited a courtroom carrying large boxes of documents. As Cole hit her back with a heavy envelope, he shouted at her “Take that you fucking bitch.” The envelopes turned out to be full of legal documents from Jonathan J Sommer. In the meantime, in gross violation of court rules, Sinclair was photographing the encounter. I summoned court security to force Sinclair to remove the photos from his camera. One could wish that Jonathan J Sommer would associate with a better class of employees.

Sinclair had also testified that Otavnik had maliciously breached – as if he were some criminal break and enter artist – the security of his apartment building to “get at him” harass and scare him…

I investigated Sinclair’s claim, and went to the apartment and found the two large front doors of the building propped widely open, clearly by management, to allow in the breeze to cool the place, a practice that had obviously been going on for ages. Anyone could walk in at any time without buzzing or needing a key. In fact the building had less security than any other apartment building I had ever seen. So much for Otavnik supposedly “breaching security.” Call this Ritchie Sinclair lie #423…

In fact I walked into the lobby and encountered Garth Cole, a man Ritchie Sinclair called “My Roommate,” standing in front of the elevators. And took some pictures. I recognized him as an employee of Jonathan J Sommer.

It is just another stunning example of how the art fraudsters are subverting the justice system to attack people who are exposing their fraudulent actions to the public.


The introductory header of this fraudulent document, which Sinclair provided to Toronto Police, is a stunning indictment of the gross fabrications and utterly false lies that Sinclair and his business partner Jonathan Sommer are spreading in private and public to gullible, witless, and uninformed journalists and police investigators.

Bonnie Czegledi, a Toronto lawyer and international stolen art sleuth, is a product of Harvard, Yale, and Osgoode, and a member of the Canadian, American, and International bar associations), thinks it has all changed for the worse.

Bonnie Czegledi, a Toronto lawyer and international stolen art sleuth, is a product of Harvard, Yale, and Osgoode, and a member of the Canadian, American, and International bar associations), thinks the fine art business has all changed for the worse.

“… what the art world is like: scheming, manipulative, and, quite often, downright fraudulent.” (Jack Pollock, Norval Morrisseau’s longest (1962-1981) & most successful (12 shows) dealer, Dear M, 1989, p182)

As Toronto lawyer, and international fake art sleuth Bonnie Czegledi said:

“Over a period of a few years, I discovered that the business of art is one of the most corrupt, dirtiest industries on the planet. There are no regulations… It’s not pretty. The patina of loveliness that most people associate with art didn’t exist in the reality that I found. It was filled with criminals – and a lot of different kinds.” (Bonnie Czegledi, quoted, Hot Art, Knelman, p25)

– Feb 14, 2014 – A desperate Jonathan Jerome Sommer threatens the Toronto Star unless it removes a reference to journalist John Goldi from an article where he and his Morrisseau blog were mentioned by Star Journalist Murray Whyte. The feckless and journalistically malfeasant Star editors censor their own journalist, fold like a dirty shirt, and remove all material related to John Goldi.

– Feb 14, 2014 – Jonathan Sommer files a court document demanding journalist John Goldi be banned from the public gallery of ALL his future court appearances. (Source: I was the target and have the document.)

– Nov 14, 2014 – Ritchie Sinclair demands Judge Kilian (hearing White v Sinclair) ban journalist John Goldi from the public gallery – Denied. (Source: I was there and was the target.)

– Jan. 24, 2017 – A desperate Jonathan Jerome Sommer files a secret complaint with the Peel Police – the region where I live – targeting journalist John Goldi, alleging he is guilty of criminal activity regarding fake Morrisseau paintings. They launch an ongoing criminal investigation of me, as reported by a Peel traffic cop to my wife. It was confirmed when I had  a face-to-face meeting with the head of the Peel Police Fraud Unit.

It is another damning link between Sommer and Sinclair, with Sommer now taking another page from his business partner’s “playbook,” with Sommer copying Sinclair’s fraudulent report about John Goldi being involved in criminal activity to Toronto Police in 2010, and issuing a similar one, in 2017, to Peel Police alleging John Goldi is engaged in criminal activity.

– July 10, 2017 – Jonathan Sommer files another court document demanding journalist John Goldi be banned from the public gallery from all future Jonathan Sommer court cases. (Source: I was the target and have the document.)

– Aug 14, 2017, 9:55 a:m – Before Justice Grant R Dow (hearing Hearn v McLeod) enters the courtroom, Jonathan Sommer angrily confronts and accosts me, at my seat in the public gallery, and demands I (journalist John Goldi) leave the public gallery of the court immediately. He loudly threatens me and barks, “You’re no journalist; you’re just a couple of cowards. If you don’t leave I’ll get the judge to throw you out.” I totally ignore him. (Source: I was there and was the target.)

– Aug 14, 2017, 10:05 a:m – After Justice Grant R Dow enters the court, Jonathan Sommer immediately demands he throw me (journalist John Goldi) out. Justice Dow refuses. (Source: I was there and was the target.)

So much for Sommer’s claim to Justice Dow that I was a liar, that he had no connection with Ritchie Sinclair, and that he had never tried to exclude anyone from court.

And he then – incredulously – went ahead and demanded Justice Dow do exactly that, eject me from the public gallery in the court – again… And that, only moments after he had just angrily demanded I get out of the courtroom before the judge arrived…

It makes one wonder, are lawyers in Ontario allowed to lie so brazenly to Justices of the Superior Court?

And why is Jonathan Sommer so utterly desperate to hide, from public scrutiny, what he is doing and saying in court?


Jonathan J Sommer, his severe-looking companion, and a friendly Kevin Hearn (his client) return from the Motion hearing totally unaware that they are being photographed by one of Canada’s top cinematographers, John Goldi csc. My decades of professional nature photography, in outwitting and stalking birds and animals using camouflage to get close but to avoid spooking them, pays off big time in “hunting humans” in downtown Toronto. I prefer to avoid the ugly confrontations that are commonly provoked by celebrity photographers and paparazzi. All the photos on this page were taken, along University Avenue, without incident, of people who have, repeatedly, projected themselves into the public eye, and using the same professional non-confrontational approach which I prefer.  If other photo journalists were as skilled as I am, Princess Di would NOT have been hounded to a premature death…

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