Coming: Sinclair’s Astonishing April Fools Fakedown

Donald Robinson whom Ritchie Sinclair calls, "My Mentor" have been hugely and totally discreded, without a single failing, by some 12 court decisions and lawsuit settlemtns.

Donald Robinson whom Ritchie Sinclair r calls, “My Mentor” have been hugely and totally discredited, without a single failing, by some 12 court decisions and lawsuit settlements. And now by Sinclair’s astonishing and sudden Fakedown on April Fools Day, of paintings they both called “fake” for years.

Coming 100 page Special Report: The Astonishing “April Fools Fakedown” by Ritchie Sinclair of major 1970s Morrisseau BDP paintings he has called “fakes,” “forgeries,” and “inferior counterfeits” for many years. On the worst racist website to ever attack Indigenous Canadian art and artists.

Sinclair’s astonishingly sudden, and huge April Fools Fakedown, completely impugns the integrity, and discredits, For the Ages, all those art dealers, lawyers, media idiots, who have collaborated with Sinclair over the years, calling these paintings “fakes,” and claiming that the people who own them or try to sell them as creeps and crooks and forgers. By dismounting them, he now admits are genuine Morrisseau BDPs, as multiple judges, forensic experts, and reputable gallery owners and collectors have been saying for many years.

The final admission by the HOAX collaborators: there never has been proof of any kind – no evidence – that any of it was ever true, at all. Just fraudulent crap they foisted on the public for lowlife, personal, private pecuniary gain.

Shame on you all… Your names will live in infamy in the Annals of Canadian Art History…

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