The Hunt is On… For the Malicious, Creepy & Sneaky Lawyer at the SAW Gallery

Who is the creepy lawyer?

Call me if you recognize who this really creepy lawyer is? He’s standing in the middle of the SAW Gallery’s main room where he advised gallery managers to mount a genuine Morrisseau painting “Wheel of Life 1979” as the main Morrisseau “fake”  directly opposite the “F IS FOR FAKE” title. He very well knew he was being slimy and sleazy in what he was getting Gallery Director Tam-Ca Vo-Van, and Curator Jason St-Laurent to do – to publicly defame a painting that had been judicially authenticated by two judges – because he insisted they not reveal his name, if anyone asked. I did; I wanted to know what kind of lowlife lawyer was undermining and slanging two judges and their decisions. And who was blatantly encouraging others to publicly libel and defame a genuine painting as fake, when he so clearly lacked the balls, the ethics, and the courage to do so himself. Clearly complicit in a malicious collaboration of his own, St-Laurent refused to disclose the name of the sleazy lawyer. I learned it all because SAW Gallery Curator Jason St-Laurent told me all about it during a long telephone conversation I had with him regarding his libelous, and malicious exhibit, which deliberately defamed genuine art by Canada’s top Aboriginal artist. St-Laurent and Vo-Van should both be fired for their heinous and unethical behaviour in deliberately allowing an anonymous, lowlife lawyer and the multiply-discredited Ritchie Sinclair, to use the SAW Gallery for indulging in a vicious private act of cultural genocide, and in doing their bidding in deliberately desecrating genuine Canadian art and maliciously attacking the personal property and integrity of Artworld, a highly reputable Toronto art dealer.

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