Coming: Malicious & Dumber than a Bag of Hammers

That's Dumb Ottawa SAW Gallery Director Tam-Ca Vo-Van, and "Dumber" Curator Jason St-Laurent for listening to hugely judicially discredited Ritchie Sinclair and putting up "Wheel of Life 1979" as a Morrisseau "fake" just after two judges had ruled it absoltely authentic both front and back.

That’s doubly-malicious and”Dumb” Ottawa SAW Gallery Director Tam-Ca Vo-Van, and “Dumber” Curator Jason St-Laurent, forever disgraced as so-called art “professionals,” for listening to, and doing the malicious and mindless bidding of the hugely judicially discredited Indian imposter/impersonator, Ritchie Sinclair (lurking in the background). With his malevolent collaboration – and that of a creepy secret lawyer advisor who demanded anonymity – they maliciously put up “Wheel of Life 1979” (left) as a Morrisseau “fake” in their 2014 “F IS FOR FAKE” exhibit, just after two judges had ruled it as absolutely authentic, both front and back. They ALL knew it – Sinclair, the creepy lawyer, and this witless duo, and still went ahead with their public defamation of an authenticated piece of Canadian heritage art… By what authority does a publicly-funded art gallery and its malevolent officials have the right to attack the genuine art of a decent private business person, with malicious, unsubstantiated, and defamatory publicity?  Under threat of a lawsuit the malevolent and witless duo quickly dismounted the painting, and published an apology in the Ottawa Citizen. But it had been up for months doing its vicious defamation. I say cut off ALL public funding for the SAW Gallery, and these malicious people, before they strike again, at another decent Canadian art dealer and business person. And do more damage to desecrate the Aboriginal art heritage of Norval Morrisseau and Canada’s Aboriginal people. 

St-Laurent and Vo-Van should both be fired for their deliberately maliciously heinous and unethical behaviour in deliberately allowing an anonymous lowlife lawyer and the multiply-discredited Ritchie Sinclair, to use the SAW Gallery for indulging in a vicious private act of cultural genocide, and in doing their bidding in deliberately desecrating genuine Canadian art and maliciously attacking the personal property and integrity of Artworld, a highly reputable Toronto art dealer.

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