The National Post’s Diabolical Plot to Devalue the Art in your Living Room

22 Telltale Signs of a Malicious and Purely Sensational Editorial Fabrication

The National Post fabricated a patently false story line for which there is – has never been – any evidence, let alone proof, that it ever happened. And need we add, the Post produces none, and compromisingly and tellingly, deliberately ignores the facts and evidence that do exist because they counter the sensational editorial viewpoint preferred by the Post as damningly displayed on this page.

Ritchie Sinclair - totally discredited by judge after judge, after judge...

Ritchie Sinclair – Unhappy because he has been totally discredited by judge after judge, after judge… That’s five judges and justices (Lederer, Godfrey, Martial, Lacavera, Sanderson) who have ruled in different judgments that Sinclair has no proof for what he says, no recognized credentials in academics or art, no claim to the expertise he pomposits around with, and, in the curt words of the Hon. Madam Justice Mary Anne Sanderson, of the Ontario Superior Court, his testimony is “unreliable” – judicial short-hand for lying or perjury.

The Post editor deliberately ignores a mountain of contrary evidence including numerous judicial findings and judgments and forensic reports proving exactly the opposite: that the fakes alleged in the Post article are non-existent, that the man the Post promotes and asks readers to consult, as an alleged Morrisseau expert, has been dismissed and discredited by judge after judge, and proven, in court after court, to be a serial liar and perjurer, and that the claims are nothing but a lowlife business scam designed to devalue genuine Morrisseau paintings.

And the Post is aiding and abetting the Hoax, thereby devaluing the Morrisseau paintings hanging in your living room.

NOTE: All this deliberately reckless, incendiary, and malicious fabrication is done to trap your mindset into “buying into” the reality of  a supposed Morrisseau art fraud long before you read even a single line in the Morrisseau article…

Can you guess what the 22 diabolical fabrications are?

I will publish the key shortly.

22 ways that the editor of the National Post carefully and deliberately laid out his page saying that art fraud should be a major concern for Canadians.

22 ways that the editor of the National Post carefully and deliberately laid out his page warning Canadians that art fraud should be a major concern for them, especially if you have Morrisseaus hanging in your living room. The die is deliberately cast, LONG BEFORE YOU EVEN START TO READ THE ARTICLE ON HOW “A LUCRATIVE RING OF ART FORGERS” IS PROFITING FROM ITS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES IN FORGING MORRISSEAUS. AND THAT LUCKILY, AN UPRIGHT CELEBRITY IS “SUING TORONTO GALLERY” AND MAKING A STAND AGAINST THE CREEPS, SO THAT “THE WHOLE TRUTH” WILL COME OUT, AND SO THAT THE OFFENDING ART CAN , LIKE THEY DO WITH FAKE CHAGALLS IN FRANCE, ALSO BE “ORDERED DESTROYED.”

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