Madam Justice Mary Anne Sanderson

Update: Dec. 21, 2013

In her own words: Madam Justice Sanderson Speaks…

A Fabulous Merry Christmas Greeting
for Norval & All Canadians
from Madam Justice Mary Anne Sanderson

Ritchie Sinclair whom Norval has featured with numerous rather unflattering characterizations.

Credibility Utterly Shot – Ritchie Sinclair, totally dismissed, now by three judges (Martial, Lacavera, Sanderson) in one year, as being believable on any level about anything, and especially for having any expertise or anything worthwhile to say related to Norval  Morrisseau, is already casting around for another hapless victim. His many false and malicious assurances cost an elderly retired schoolteacher, some $60,000 of her paltry pension, most of it going to Mr. Sinclair’s legal associate, Jonathan Sommer. In a separate case, Judge Lacavera, after a five day trial over three years, launched by a Sinclair complaint to the Toronto Police for multiple acts of Criminal Harassment against Joe Otavnik, totally dismissed the suit as riven with numerous unbelievable statements and actions of Sinclair. Judge Lacavera basically called Sinclair a liar. Brian Shiller in the Hatfield case also reminded Madam Justice Sanderson that the evidence clearly showed that  Judge Martial had lots of justification to have called Sinclair a liar in that case, but refrained from doing so.

Why didn’t Donald Robinson tell Norval he himself had bought $54,000 of the exactly the same kind of BDP paintings, signed the same way as Jim White’s, and from the same place, and had been selling many of them successfully all over the place…?

Donald Robinson looking glum after hearing that the fourth judge in a row had now rejected just about everything he ever said about Morrisseau evaluations and about “thousands of fakes by umpteen forgers.”

In a stunning, and incredibly detailed and thoughtful ruling, Madam Justice Sanderson, totally backed up the landmark ruling of Deputy Judge Paul J Martial in the Hatfield v Child case, and dismissed entirely the Appeal of Jonathan Sommer for Ms. Hatfield. Madam Justice Sanderson supported entirely, the right of Judge Martial to dismiss in their entirety, the expertise, the expert reports, and the testimony of both Sommer’s witnesses, Donald Robinson of Toronto’s Kinsman Robinson Galleries and its outreach worker Ritchie Sinclair.

Having sat through the entire three-and-a-half hour Appeal, and seen the unconvincing arguments put forward by Sommer for his case and his client, I published over a week ago that she would make this ruling.

Despondent this Christmas because she has no money left to buy her adopted son a Christmas present. She spent all she had on her lawyer.

Despondent this Christmas because she has no money left to buy her adopted son a Christmas present. Ms. Hatfield spent all she had on her lawyer, on a wild goose chase…

So Ms. Hatfield has lost almost $60,000 for listening to bad advice she got on a Morrisseau internet dating site run by some malevolent and ignorant cyber terrorist mischief makers.

This makes it four judicial rulings in a row – Mogan 1996, Godfrey 2011, Martial 2013, and Sanderson 2013 – which have soundly rebuffed Donald Robinson’s expertise, expert reports, and credibility of his testimony as to the existence of any Morrisseau fakes that he and his business associate Ritchie Sinclair have promoted.

Much more to come here…


Telling Comments Sinclair made to the Citizen, after having lost the (Martial) case in which he was one of only two witnesses.

McLeod's grown children had to run interference between Sinclair and their Dad, who would later have heart surgery.

Joe McLeod’s grown children had to run interference at different times between Sinclair and their Dad, who would later have heart surgery.

Sinclair’s reference to the “black dry-brush” is where he made numerous allegations to Toronto police causing them to press criminal charges v Joe Otavnik. In that case heard before Judge Lacavera over some two years, His Honour, totally discounted Sinclair’s allegations of Criminal Harassment against Joe Otavnik, and completely “acquitted Otavnik on all counts.”

In judicially circumspect legal language, Judge Lacavera impugned both the Crown, Stefania Fericean, and Sinclair’s lawyer, Zak Muscovitch, for proceeding with the case v Otavnik without previously examining with due diligence the allegations made by Sinclair.

Judge Lacavera also basically said – my interpretation – that Sinclair was lying to police and to him. Which is why he totally dismissed the “two charges” as bogus.

This finding mirrored what happened two years earlier when Judge Godfrey “dismissed” similar allegations Sinclair made against Otavnik. And told him to pay his own costs.

In fact Sinclair was, himself, charged by Toronto Police, in a different matter with multiple acts (some 6) of Criminal Harassment, against 82 year-old Joe McLeod.

In his Hatfield Appeal Lawyer Jonathan Sommer wrongly told Madam Justice Sanderson that Sinclair – his witness – was “acquitted” – his word – of those serious criminal charges, suggesting that McLeod, whom he had already impugned as associated with forgeries, was also a liar.

In fact both allegations were totally base falsehoods. I was in the courtroom where the police criminal harassment case against Sinclair was conducted and Sommer was not. Sinclair was absolutely not “acquitted,” a word which Sommer, who went to law school, ought to know the meaning of.

Or is he just mindlessly used to repeating what Sinclair – whom no judge has yet believed – told him to say?

In fact I have seen Sommer taking legal directions, from Sinclair, multiple times, in both the Martial and the Sanderson courtrooms.

One such loud Sinclair interruption of the proceedings occurred in the Sanderson court, when Sinclair loudly snorted his objection to  something Sommer had told Judge Sanderson. In response to Sinclair’s outburst, Sommer quickly spun around to face Sinclair, wide-eyed and questioning. He handed back a paper with a question to Sinclair and Hatfield, who were both sitting immediately adjacent to my seat in the public gallery. Sinclair directed Hatfield what to write and Sinclair handed the paper with his comments back to Sommer. Sommer, read it, then stood up and told Madam Justice Sanderson he had misspoken and wanted to correct himself.

Though a number of lawyers on the Morrisseau file have played fast and loose with the truth, all the judges I have seen have been unanimously free from being bamboozled about the scam – as Brian Shiller called it before Justice Sanderson – to victimize gullible proxies into spending thousands on lawyers to promote a HOAX.


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