Probing Perjury 9

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Our continuing series on Probing Perjury in Morrisseau court cases.

robinson_sinclair_kneelOnly minutes after Judge MD Godfrey granted a recess in Sinclair v Otavnik, on Nov. 16, 2010, I came out and looked down the hall outside the court and saw this scene: an artist’s recreation showing me sitting in the same chair in which Donald Robinson was sitting. At his knees, crouching, was Ritchie Sinclair. The two were in earnest conversation. I watched only for a minute since I could not hear.

I went a few steps away to where there were chairs in the lobby in front of the elevators.robinson_sinclair_elevator

Within only a few minutes a group of loudly talking and laughing men came up behind me and stood at the elevators. I looked up to see Donald Robinson, Ritchie Sinclair, and Garth Cole – who Ritchie Sinclair told the Court was his “roommate” – all laughing and joking away.

Donald Robinson who is usually grim-looking and stone-faced at the best of times, was grinning away exactly like in the photo. If anything, even more so, which to me, who has seen him in court – from the public galleries – more times than any other person, was highly unusual. In fact of the group he was the most jovial. Cole was quietly smiling; Sinclair was animatedly the same.

They were very close to me and stood there for a minute jovially carrying on while they waited for the elevator. I looked them straight in the face, with a quizzical look…

After all, I had just watched for several hours as an aggressive and petulant Sinclair passionately slanged Otavnik in front of the judge, with all sorts of outlandish charges and claims.

Only minutes later he was giggling away with the others as if they were bosom buddies and sharing some huge joke.

I was perplexed. I wondered what could possibly account for the merry camaraderie and laughing good humour of the group? I soon found out, ten minutes later, when Judge Godfrey reconvened the court… and said to Ritchie Sinclair.

“Mr. Sinclair you may now present your next witness, Donald Robinson, as you announced to the Court, you would, just before recess…”

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